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This Video Tells Women It's Okay to Not Settle Down

This Video Tells Women It's Okay to Not Settle Down
A screencap from the SK-II: Marriage Market Takeover video

Japanese skincare brand SK-II recently launched the #ChangeDestiny campaign to promote women’s empowerment. Along with it came a video that has spread through the Internet like wildfire. It highlights society's perception on sheng nu ('leftover women'); women who are not yet married and their struggle against society's perception.

While the video highlights the Chinese culture, including the tradition of Marriage Market (a place, such as a shopping mall or a park, where parents list advertisements for their children to find a suitable spouse for them), this is something women all around the world experience. 

Questions like "When are you getting married?" and "Why aren’t you married yet?" are usually thrown about. They may be taken lightly nowadays (there are even humorous guides on how to deal with these questions), but when a women’s marriage prospect is continuously brought upon question, it dehumanises them and makes it seem like their 'end game' is to get married. The woman’s personality and achievements are discarded simply because of the belief that they need to be paired up with a man to be complete.

A woman at a Marriage Market (Image: Daily Mail)

The inspiring video challenges this perception, striking a balance between understanding a woman’s need for individuality without throwing away their love for their parents. You can watch it below:

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