Acer's New Gaming Laptop Costs More Than Your Proton Saga

But there's only one unit available in Malaysia.

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Acer's New Gaming Laptop Costs More Than Your Proton Saga
Image: Acer

E-Sport is serious business.

Many gamers, whether amateur or professional, are willing to invest cold, hard cash in the best gaming computer or laptop around all in the name of sport.
But we’re not sure if they’re prepared to spend on this monster.
Acer Malaysia has just launched the Predator 21 X and you can already start pre-ordering the new gaming laptop.
The thing is, not everyone who pre-orders the laptop will get it because there’s only one unit available in Malaysia.


Wait, there’s more.
Acer only produced 300 units in total for the global market!
And... wait for it.

It comes with an insane RM39,999 price tag.
Nope, we didn’t add another ‘9’ by accident. It really does cost more than a standard locally produced car in Malaysia!
It's huge!
The Predator 21 X is the first laptop with a curved display, a huge 21-inch one, mind you.
Two powerful graphic cards.
The ginormous screen is supported by two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SLI with 16GB memory.
The laptop also comes equipped with an overclockable Intel Core i7-7820HK processor, 64GB DDR-2400 RAM and 1TB hard drive.
Tobii eye-tracking camera.
If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, its touchpad can be flipped and used as a numeric pad, it also has a built-in Tobii eye-tracking camera, as well as superior sound system with four speakers and two subwoofers!
With all that stored in the laptop, no wonder the Predator 21 X weighs about 8.8kg!
So guys, if you’re ready to spend your annual salary on your biggest passion, email to place your order.
The first person to pay up will be the only person in Malaysia to own the new Predator 21 X!
But if you’re just like the rest of us who are not even willing to fork out RM10 for lunch, then head over to IOI City Mall, Putrajaya to check out the laptop that’s currently on display until Sunday, 21 May.

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