This 82-Year-Old Malaysian Just Proved That Age Is Just A Number After Conquering Mount Kinabalu

It’s never too late to reach for your dreams.

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This 82-Year-Old Malaysian Just Proved That Age Is Just A Number After Conquering Mount Kinabalu
Such an inspiring young lady! (Image: The Star)
What do normal 82-year-old grandmas who have kids and grandchildren normally do? Usually they’re enjoying their retirement at home and spending more time with their family.

But not for Chee Moy Chun.

The 82-year-old lady created history after she became the oldest woman to ever climb Mount Kinabalu last Friday.

If that alone doesn’t surprise you, this is actually her fifth climb to the highest peak in Malaysia!

The octogenarian is probably fitter than some teenagers and is aging like fine wine. Heck, she’ll even probably beat us to an uphill race.

So, what's her secret? She doesn't have any food restricitions whatsoever but makes sure that she exercises regularly. 

Chee, or better known as Chan Cheh (sister Chan) among her friends, was surprised of her achievement and didn’t realise that it was a monumental climb for her.

“I am surprised. I didn’t know that I am the country’s oldest Mount Kinabalu female climber,” she told The Star.

It was only after being informed of her achievement she then realised why a lot of people were greeting her and were keen to take photos with her along the hike to the top.

Chee joined a group of 21 climbers on an expedition last week and made it to the summit just minutes before 7am. Her amazing feat has impressed others who were most probably a quarter of her age.

Mountain climbing wasn’t something that she recently picked up, though. In fact, she has been doing hikes and climbs from the age of 29. She also admits that she scales mountains and hills around the country at least once a week. She is currently a member of the Hash House Harriers (HHH), an international group of non-competitive running social club as well as a member of Lions Club.

Chee’s story is truly inspiring, and is a walking definition that age shouldn’t be a limit. She may be in her 80s, but she’s truly young at heart. For those who think that they’re “too old” to realise their mountainous dreams, perhaps this story will be a turning point for you.

Congrats Chan Cheh! Here's to many more record-breaking hikes in the future.

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