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You Can Unlock The Samsung Galaxy Note7 With Your Eyes

You Can Unlock The Samsung Galaxy Note7 With Your Eyes
Image: Samsung

Another year, another headline. This time, an eye-opening one for more than one reason. The Note7 will arrive in Malaysia on August 19 and will retail for RM3,199. If you're itching to get one, here are all the features – practical and otherwise – beginning with the only thing people will be talking about for months: 

1. The Iris Scanner

Image: Samsung

Why an Iris Scanner you ask? Well, Samsung obviously knew there would be some raised eyebrows so they've prepared this statement on their site, "The patterns of our irises are incredibly complex and no two irises are the same—even on the same person. And because iris authentication leaves no physical mark on the Galaxy Note7 it's impossible to replicate, making it one of the most secure ways to protect your data." Neat. It can also be used to unlock private files in their Secure Folder service on the phone. 

2. It's now got a curved display

"Hey look it's the iPhone 6 - no wait..." Image:

A Super AMOLED quad HD (2560 x 1440p) 5.7-inch curved display to be exact. Not to be confused with an Edge display though. Samsung says the curves allow the phone to be 2.2mm narrower than the Note5 while still having the same display. The rear glass panel similarly curves and both the front and back panels are Gorilla Glass. Though you could probably call it Mega Mighty Monkey Vibranium Glass and you can bet everyone will still put a casing on it. You know, so it doesn't scuff. 

3. USB Type-C is official here


Now that Samsung has made it official, we're pronouncing the USB3.0 dead. This means quicker charging and data transfers though, so that's good.

4. Internal storage and battery get an upgrade

All Note7s will come with 64GB internal storage compared to the 32B on the Galaxy S7 earlier this year, and the battery has been bumped from 3,000mAh to 3,500mAh. This means, more games, played longer. 

5. The S Pen does more things 


The S Pen can swim now (its water resistant), is finer at a 4,096 sensitivity level, and comes with a handful of software upgrades. You can magnify things on your phone with the pen, quick translate into 12 different languages, and make GIFs from any video playing on your phone up to 15 seconds. 

6. IP68

Yeah, it's also water resistant... Not much to add here. 

Online pre-orders begin in Malaysia from 8 to 10 August and there are only 4,000 pre-order units available. Colours are Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx. For some reason, we're only getting three colours while some territories have four – a Blue Coral colour being the additional colour.