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This Malaysian Illustrator Captures The Mysticism of Asia

This Malaysian Illustrator Captures The Mysticism of Asia

Zeen Chin is a self-thought freelance illustrator that proves all you need to be good at something is a little grit, inspiration, and a vivid imagination. 

In an interview with Mashable Asia, Zeen is working on an art book that he plans to release at the end of the year. The art book will focus on Asian folklore and intends for the book to serve as a comparison between the mentality of a child and that of an adult. He cites Hong Kong ghost movies as his source and inspiration and cause of his fascination with mysticism. He also borrows heavily from Japanese film culture and anime in his depiction of women. 

Here's a gallery our favourites from his Deviantart page:




I Want To Fly

I Want To Fly/Deviantart

Witch Store

Witch Store/Deviantart



Ghost's Procession

Ghost's Procession/Deviantart  

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