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How to Survive a Trip to the Supermarket with a Toddler in Tow

It doesn't have to be a nightmare on aisle five.

How to Survive a Trip to the Supermarket with a Toddler in Tow
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Ah, that dreaded trip to the supermarket. Necessary but oh-so-painful for any parent with a curious toddler in tow. While there may be no magic wand to make this task any easier, here are some simple ideas to make buying groceries a wee bit more enjoyable for both parent and toddler:

#1 Make It Quick

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The key is to zip in and out as quickly as possible. So know your aisles and plan your journey before making the trip. That way you can prevent a restless toddler from throwing a tantrum in the middle of aisle two.

#2 Take Them On A Treasure Hunt

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Give your toddler something to look forward to. Whether it’s counting all the fruits in your basket, or locating a certain brand of cereal, there’s much to explore when out grocery shopping. Keep it interesting for them so they look forward to the trip and are kept occupied while you tick the boxes off your shopping list.

#3 Set The Scene

Talk to your toddler about the trip – what to see, what to do – to prepare your toddler for it. This helps manages their expectations and communicates your expectations when you eventually head to the supermarket. “Let’s go shopping Peppa” from the Peppa Pig series is a good book to read beforehand to get them excited about grocery shopping.

#4 Get Them Involved

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Toddlers love feeling important. Involve them in the process. Get them to load the items onto the conveyor belt at the cashier. It gets the job done, keeps them occupied, teaches responsibility, and wins cute points with the cashier.

#5 If All Else Fails, Bribe Reward!

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While this may not be the best solution, sometimes a little reward at the end of a successful trip can work wonders. Not just for your toddler but for yourself too. A well-deserved snack for a job well done. But be sure to offer a reward only if you’re willing to do so after every supermarket trip.

Now that you're equipped with these grocery shopping ammo, we wish you good luck. Go forth and grocery shop, parents!