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6 Malaysian Liquid Lipstick Brands that’ll Totally Slay Your Makeup Routine

Time to plump it up with these local gems!

6 Malaysian Liquid Lipstick Brands that’ll Totally Slay Your Makeup Routine
Original Image: Dida for Women
Every year, a day is dedicated to celebrate a tube filled with a liquid or solid colour that has empowered women throughout the decades. This colour-filled tube is none other than every girl’s obsession – lipstick. July 29th has been declared as National Lipstick Day and this year, beauty blogger and entrepreneur, Huda Kattan, was named the modern day founder of National Lipstick Day by a Proclamation from National Day Calendar’s Registrar.

In case you didn’t know (or forgot) who Huda Kattan is, she’s the founder of Huda Beauty, a brand that rose to fame thanks to their false eyelashes.

Recently, she launched her most anticipated new liquid lipstick line – Huda Beauty Liquid Matte. It was so popular that it sold out within 24 hours at Sephora Dubai. Beauty fans were also seen queuing prior opening hours to make sure they got their hand at the coveted lipsticks.

😍😍😍 @nazanasghar #hudabeautyliquidmatte #July29 #nationallipstickday #notjustanotherliquidlipstick

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Have you ever wondered, what’s so special about lipsticks that almost every female on Earth see it as a daily staple? Lipsticks were formally used as a sign of social status or to mark their becoming of adulthood. It was said Queen Elizabeth I made it trendy after frequently sporting bright red lipstick and stark white face. Queen Elizabeth II was also among those who were very affectionate of lipsticks; she even commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robes at the 1952 ceremony. Her shade was named “The Balmoral Lipstick."

The Queen of England slaying with her make up back in the day. (Image: Getty)
Nowadays, it’s widely used for self-empowerment or to give a boost of self-confidence. Even during World War II, Winston Churchill decided to not ration lipstick because he felt that it had a positive effect on morale. 

Lipsticks will forever thrive in the cosmetics industry which is probably why some Malaysians have ventured into it to cater to the local market. In conjunction with National Lipstick Day today, we’ve compiled six awesome Malaysian lipstick brands that’ll help you slay your make up routine or give you that morale boost you need.

Dida for Women

Founded by fashion icon and entrepreneur, Tengku Chanela Jamidah, Dida for Women exudes luxury for the modern-day women minus the designer price tag. Their velvet matte lip cream comes in seven gorgeous shades ranging from effortless nudes to a striking orange. You can purchase them for only RM45 from their website.

Velvet Vanity

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Boasting with over 20,000 followers on Instagram, Velvet Vanity is one of the first purveyors of local lipsticks. It’s amazing that they have managed to take the Malaysian cosmetic market by storm with only three shades of liquid lipsticks. Velvet Vanity claims to be “the lightest lipstick ever” and also proudly vegan and cruelty-free. You can purchase their highly pigmented liquid lipstick for RM59 on their website.

Fame Cosmetics

Fame Cosmetics offers a wide array of colour choices for their soft matte lip cream with an affordable price tag of only RM29! It’s no surprise that even local beauty bloggers recommend it. Get your lipsticks today from their certified agents or contact 013-3760466 to purchase.

Ruby & Roses

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Ruby & Roses have just recently launched their matte liquid lipstick line with nine must-have shades. That’s not all, they’ve been hinting on expanding their colour range into a brown and metal series. Get their “beauty without cruelty” lipsticks from their website for RM40.

Chique Cosmetic

WhatsApp us at +60 12 364 3900 to purchase! We'll start to take orders at 3.00pm today! #SHHJUSTMATTEME

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What we love about Chique Cosmetic is that their packaging is as chic as its name suggests. They have banked on the whole pop-art theme which helped them stand out from the rest of the pack. They currently offer six sexy shades for their “Shh…Matte Me” liquid lipstick collection and will be launching another three shades soon. You can get their lipsticks from their Facebook page or contact +6012 3643900.

Zhuco Cosmetics

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Spot your favourite ladies! 😘😘 Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream comes in 14 shades! 😍 #zhucocosmetics

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If you’re looking for a diverse colour range, look no further Zhuco Cosmetics offers up to 14 shades for their matte lippie cream range! Born in Borneo, their lippie matte cream has garnered not only local fans but as far as the USA! You can purchase their products from their website for RM35.

So, which liquid lipstick will you get today? If you have any other brands that you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comment section below.