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Digimon Celebrates 20th Anniversary with the Re-Release of Original Digivices

When was the last time you played with this popular toy?

Digimon Celebrates 20th Anniversary with the Re-Release of Original Digivices
Images: Bandai
Digimon was all the rage when it first debuted back in the late 90s. It started off with a virtual pet toy, which in came in a form somewhat akin to Tamagotchis. The bricked rectangle digital toy came in various colours and featured one of the first ever Digimon created – Tyrannomon. Back in the day, owning one device would probably take a lot of coaxing and doing the household chores voluntarily in order to get your parents to buy you one. Then there those kids, who owned more than two or three Digivices, and were seen as the atas kids and envied by their friends.

Fast forward to 2017, Digimon is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Can you believe it? It felt like it was just yesterday when you first got your own Digivice and went on epic battles between your friends. Just talking about this opened up a box of memories which hasn’t been touched in decades. You’d be lying if you say you don’t miss checking up on your Digimon to see what it’s up to – is it hungry or is it pooping, as well as the thrill and excitement watching it evolve.

Image: Digimon Brothers/YouTube
Only God knows where you’ve misplaced these Digivices and finding it would probably launch an internal treasure hunt in your house that’ll get your mom nagging. Well, we’ve got good news because Bandai Namco recently announced that they have big surprise for loyal fans to commemorate their 20th anniversary. Well, what could it possibly be? Can we have some drumroll please because… they are rereleasing the original Digivices!

Image: Bandai
The comeback version will have some upgraded features, but will be released in their original grey and brown colours along with the three buttons and keychain. Among the new features are a single-player arena mode where players can battle with their own group of monsters. The 20th anniversary Digivice will include monsters from the first five models as well as those that were available during Digimon’s 10th and 15th anniversary. Do take note that Gabumon will exclusively be available in the grey version while Omnimon will be on the brown version.

No news whether they will be sold physically in Malaysia anytime soon, but you can pre-order directly at their website for 3,780 Yen (RM145.78) until March 23rd, 2017. The Digivices are slated to be shipped by June. So, what are you waiting for?! Time to break that piggy bank which you’ve been saving for something ‘special’.