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5 Iconic Ice Creams Malaysians Had During Their Childhood

Your childhood wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t eat your heart out to these frozen confectionaries.

5 Iconic Ice Creams Malaysians Had During Their Childhood
Image: Chad M.
Ice creams are not just any kind of desserts. They are nine-letter words that represent a magical experience that gives you an unexplainable euphoric rush. We have literally thousands of types of ice creams today and you will be spoilt for choice. From the simple ice cream potong to the high-end Magnum customised experience or perhaps the more elevated ones available at those atas restaurants, we can all agree that ice creams have pretty much brought joy to our lives.

For us Malaysians, there’s a couple of unique ice creams that only we can identify with and have been a great part of our childhood. So, let’s reminisce the good times when we didn’t need to pay any bill, have any responsibility, and when our only worry is if we ate too much ice cream. Here are five ice creams we’ve had and still love until today!

1. Ice cream potong

This ice cream is probably a staple in almost every Malaysian household. No ice cream could beat the classic flavours of red bean, durian, corn, and cendol. Sometimes, if you go to Malay weddings, you’ll even be treated to these wonderful frozen desserts.

2. Mat Kool ice cream

Image: Mydeadtadpole Photobucket
You’d be lying if you said that the sound of the Mat Kool jingle coming from the ice cream motorbike doesn’t make your heart palpate faster. To be honest, it’s probably the coolest ice cream jingle ever made in Malaysia’s advertising history. The Mat Kool ice cream motorcycle offers a wide variety of ice creams that are made of your sweet, velvety dreams. Just thinking of their traffic light flavoured ice cream and the ones with a surprise jelly filling in the middle is making us salivate!

3. Ice cream Malaysia

Image: Magicalips
Image: Lowyat Forum
This is where Malaysians’ creativity soar. You can make any ice cream your heart desires – just mix up the concoction and fill it up in plastic tubes and boom! Frozen custom made ice creams. The best part about this ice cream is, it’s shareable. Breaking the ice cream into two and hearing that snapping sound gives you some sort of satisfaction nothing can replace. The most common flavours would obviously be sirap, Sunquick orange, lychee, teh o, assam boi, and blackcurrant.

4. Walls Vienetta

Image: Walls
This ice cream was very popular back in the 90s. Plus, the ad made it look so tempting. The Vienetta looks really expensive with its sexy ice cream folds and layers. Although it looked luxurious, you didn’t really have to break the bank to buy one and you can share it with the whole family!

5. Ice cream roti

Image: Chad M.
Do you know what’s good on a hot, sunny day? A nice soft, fluffy bun complimented with three generous scoops of ice creams. It’s simple but delicious. Why? Because less is more. The beautiful marriage of yam, corn, and vanilla/chocolate/strawberry will put a smile on anyone’s face. Frequently sold on motorcycles, this ice cream is so cheap that you can literally belanja the whole kampung.