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Reasons Why You Should Get in on the Creative Journaling Hype

Nobody writes plain ol' boring diary entries anymore.

Reasons Why You Should Get in on the Creative Journaling Hype
Image: twentyxflowers/Instagram
Tired of feeling obligated to share your day on social media? Bored of Snapchatting your breakfast every day?

If you feel all of the above, then take pen and paper as your retreat. Keeping a diary, or journaling, is an age-old tradition where you can spill all your feels with no boundaries. But why not make your private hideaway more fun and creative? Here are the five reasons why you should start journaling as a new resolution:

#1 You Can Write ANYTHING You Want

Image: janethecrazy/Instagram and aina.kristina/Instagram
It is natural for us humans to document our history as there is a fear of forgetting as we grow older. Social media has made it convenient for us to tap it in with our fingertips and simultaneously reach out to people, but you can’t be entirely honest without accidentally feeding the trolls. Plus, the delete button is right there to recover you from embarrassment or regrets!
By writing it down, these memories become permanent. You can jot down everything you want: your day, your travels, your favourite café, and even in keeping track with your favourite TV show! Plus, the beauty of writing in a journal is that there are no hate comments coming your way. You can release all your stress and complain about your boss as you like, or you can map out your dreams and fears, no matter how small or outrageous it is. It’s a good way to reflect on the coming days, and see how much you have grown.

#2 Be A Winner With A Planner

Image: nag_aaral/Instagram
If you are worried about the future, fret not, for you can organise your life using the Bullet Journal system! This life-hack was created by Brooklyn-based designer Ryder Carroll as a way for him to keep track of his multiple tasks. What it does is it puts all your plans into codes and categories, mainly Tasks, Events, and Notes. He also introduces a monthly view for you to warm-up for the incoming month, and an index page to keep your lists together. Watch the video below to know how it is done:

The best part is that it is completely customisable! These includes incorporating new lists such as water intake, exercise tracker, and work/fun life balance. With the ever growing and evolving Bullet Journal community, you can also befriend members and be inspired by their journal layouts.

#3 Learn How To Make Art In Your Journal

Image: tdpjournals/Instagram and ronnycakes/Instagram
A picture tells a thousand words, and what better way to visualise your day than turning your journal into a scrapbook? Keri Smith of Wreck This Journal fame has created prompts which allow you to do anything you want to your notebook. These include sticking random finds, cutting the paper, and even sewing through it! Various scraps such as your receipt, your clothes label, and a thank you note from your colleague can be a great decor to your journal.

A journal is also where you are free to find your inner Van Gogh. Along with the rise of journaling, other art skills such as collaging, painting and calligraphy are being noticed. There are a lot of classes and workshops offered for you to learn the basics and apply this into your journal. You can find a few of them in our list here.

#4 Stick Around With Colourful Washi Tapes

Image: anmanie/Flickr and
If you feel like your journal looks dry, then you can start embellishing your notebook with washi tapes!
Washi tape is a type of Japanese masking tape made from rice paper. In 2006, a group of female artists approached masking tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi with an artwork created using the company’s industrial masking tape. Kamoi was stunned at the piece, and invited the artists to the factory. Without haste, the company started producing more colourful rolls for other artists and designers to use. This brand is aptly called mt, which stands for ‘masking tape’!

What makes it so special is that, other than the colourful prints, you can tear, remove, and reposition the tape easily without leaving a trace on the surface! It has become a staple component among the paper crafting enthusiasts worldwide.

#5 Make New Friends Via Journaling

Image: stickerrific/Instagram and wkndiminlove/Instagram
Yes, you read it right. Journaling is not just a private hobby – you can meet new people with it! On Instagram, you can find these creative journallers sharing their entries to inspire others. They also share their tips on how to make stunning layouts and where to get the hottest art supplies from.
If you are curious to know more, Stickerrific in Jaya One is the place to go! As the main distributor of Midori Traveler’s Notebook, high end calligraphy and watercolour sets, and their endless rows of washi tapes, it is no wonder that this place has become the hub for all journallers alike. Throughout their operation, they have catered to busy 20s and professional white collars such as teachers, engineers and even doctors!
The community also does regular meet ups, in which they will share their notebooks and their supplies, or hold workshops. You can also make penpals worldwide, all in the joy of journaling!

#6 Add More Colours And Fun To Your Life

Sze Too’s journals, which include her plans and trip to Japan.
The founder of Stickerrific, Sze Too, notes that ever since she got involved in creative journaling, she is more determined to make and keep good memories. By scrapbooking pictures and events in her journal, it encourages her to go out and experience new things. It also demands people to be more mindful and attentive to their surroundings, which is what we lack in the current age. Keeping a journal is not merely just to keep you going around in circles, but it is also a motivation for you to live your life to the fullest so that you can return to beautiful memories of the past.
To Sze Too, journaling has also helped Malaysians to appreciate the hard work behind the art and not question the price. As more people learn the art of painting or calligraphy, the more they understand the time and effort taken to perfect it. With a very supportive community, new enthusiasts will gain more guidance and will to continue improving their art.  
So what’s making you wait? Grab your pen and a notebook, and start journaling!