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Instagram Now Lets You Save Posts to View Later

Only you can see what you’ve saved. This can be creepy but mostly reassuring.

Instagram Now Lets You Save Posts to View Later
Image: Time
Just hours ago, Instagram announced a new update that will allow users to save their favourite posts. It’s a major upgrade for those of us who waste too much time trying to track down posts that we know are in our feed, deep down there in the midst of all the #ootds and #vscofood shots. How do you get this new Instagram “Save” update? Easy, all you need to do is update the app.
Image: Digital Trends
Instagram is a beautiful thing because there is really no shortage of style and food inspiration. But unlike say new articles or tweets, you can’t type in few keywords and go back to posts you need to hang on your fridge or use as a home screen. It’s remarkable that now you can save posts you want to revisit, whether it’s a stunning living room layout or a meme to laugh over later or even an outfit you want to recreate.
All you have to do is to hit the bookmark icon under the post you want to save. All saved posts will live in a private tab on your profile only you can view. It sure sounds like a far more well-organised way of curating your favourite posts without having to go through the hundreds of posts or going through the awkward process of screenshotting the post.
Over the past few months, Instagram has been focusing on “pressure-free” updates and anti-harassment implements that let users navigate and post on the social network in a more unperturbed environment. Coming soon, users will be able to turn the comments section of their posts off entirely! Yay to no more stalker-ish comments.