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Sneakerheads, Rejoice! NIKEiD is Finally Available in Malaysia

Your dreams of owning the perfect customised pair of shoe is only one click away.

Sneakerheads, Rejoice! NIKEiD is Finally Available in Malaysia
Image: Nike/Charles Hyde
A couple of months ago, Nike announced that a new online store will be introduced in Malaysia in November. This store will also include NIKEiD, a service that allows you to customise your shoes. For every sneakerhead, this may be the last step for them to achieve the ultimate fan status. It doesn’t matter how extensive your Nike collection can be, but it wouldn’t be complete without a pair that embodies who you are with your very own personal touch.

NIKEiD was launched back in 2012 and was only available in selected countries such as United Kingdom, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, China, USA, Canada, and Australia. Fast forward to four years later, our prayers have finally been heard.

The customisation option offers you a wide range of selection that’ll help you express your inner Picasso and is available for both female and male lines, including kids. You can choose from a variety of iconic models such as Nike Roshe, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Huarache, Nike Free, Jordan, and Sock Dart. You’ll also be spoiled for choice with its extensive assortment of colours and materials like suede, mesh, and leather.

It takes about three to five weeks for your order to be completed and shipped to your doorstep. Price-wise, be prepared to fork out up to four figures, especially for the highly coveted models. But, any true sneakerhead wouldn’t mind the steep price tag, right?

The women’s line pricing ranges from RM399 – RM1,439 while the men’s line start from RM469 – RM1,479. Kids on the other hand, are fortunate enough to have it at the cheaper end of the spectrum with prices ranging from RM209 – RM809.

While it's too late to have your purchase delivered in time for Christmas – the cut off date was on November 28 – we reckon it'll make a perfect gift nonetheless. Mayce you could slip your purchase receipt in the gift box first until the shoes arrive at your doorstep? At least that person will be thrilled to know what they will be getting the shoes soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to their website and start desiging the footwear of your dreams!

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