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7 Superpowers You Automatically Gain as a New Parent

Parents, we salute you.

7 Superpowers You Automatically Gain as a New Parent
Image: Steve Nease
Raising a child is no easy feat, all parents will agree.

As you welcome a new baby into your family, you will soon discover that you have developed new found abilities you never thought possible. Here are seven new superpowers most parents develop:

Sixth Sense

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Ever wondered how mum knew what you were thinking even before you attempted the dirty deed? That’s because, from the moment the baby is born, parents have developed the ability to predict their child's next move – right down to when the baby will wake up for milk to when a toddler is ready to poop.

One Hand Wonder

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Some days – and by some we mean all day errrday – the "baby" will want to be held. We say baby here loosely because really, some grown kids are big babies too. But, life must go on and things must get done. So as parents, we have mastered the art of doing almost anything with one hand. From eating to carrying heavy groceries to pacifying baby number two.

Zombie Mode

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Any new parent will attest to this. Being able to do daily tasks – work, feed baby, clean house, wash bottles and more – with little or no sleep for months is an extraordinary power we never knew we had! Bye bye sleep-ins!

Speedy Gonzalez

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Another essential skill a parent quickly learns is to do everything at lightning speed. Eat, bathe, change diapers. Because really, long showers are a thing of the past when there’s a crying toddler outside your bathroom door.

Escape Artist

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After bedtime stories or patting the little one to sleep, you'll often find yourself trapped between one of their spindly legs. That's when the ancient art of escape is put to good use. The ability to quietly squeeze our way out without waking the child is no mean feat.

Deciphering Baby Talk

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When toddlers first learn to speak, they can't really pronounce words properly. However, parents oftentimes are able to interpret those crazy "I wan nuk" sentences pretty easily. This superpower though, is really just between the parents and their own child. We still don't get what the other baby is saying.

Fast Reflexes

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This seems to be more common in dads. But mothers have also been known to possess this skill. It's essential to possess super quick reflexes to catch a falling baby because these little daredevils are so eager to explore, but have no fear of heights! Every parent would have, at some point or another, done a Superman dive to rescue their (or another person's) baby.

So there you have it, seven amazing powers all new parents develop. What's your superpower?