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Best of Halloween 2016

From the moon emoji to T-Swift's exes, these costumes are on point!

Best of Halloween 2016
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It’s that time of the year where age doesn’t matter when it comes to letting those creative juices flow – whether it’s that little kid trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, a teenager wondering if it’s still socially acceptable to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood or an adult who’s now obliged to give candy out to those trick-or-treaters.

Although Halloween isn’t as big of a deal here in Malaysia as it is around the world, we still have our fair share of fun in dressing up for these late October parties. Most importantly, we’re looking forward to all the crazy costumes that we’re going to see circulating around social media. Here’s a roundup of some of the best costumes we’ve seen over this Halloween weekend!

1. Head In Freezer

Image: @jwilllovely/Twitter
Image: @jwilllovely/Twitter
This Texas mum dressing up for an office Halloween costume contest slayed it with this outrageously detailed outfit as she welcomed the weekend with a 'head in freezer' costume! Her daughter posted these pictures of her mum on Twitter and it spread like wildfire, with many people dubbing it as one of this year’s best costumes.

2. Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Image: @donnywizniak/Twitter

Come on, you have to remember these Spongebob classics and their invisible boat mobile? When this tweet got viral, it kicked off a whole thread of replies from people who have rocked this look before. Although nobody’s entirely sure how this particular rendition got so popular, we can’t deny that it was pulled off perfectly.

3. The Moon Emoji

Image: @MonicaLaire/Twitter

This mighty moon might as well be a cultural icon in the era of emojis. It’s only fair that somebody paid it its much deserved tribute! Notice the eyelids – now that is accuracy.

4. Taylor Swift And Her Ex-Boyfriends

Image: @kt_hendy/Twitter
This costume, or these costumes, really took things up a notch. Halloween is known for being the perfect opportunity to make those little jabs at some of our most famous celebs, and this posse took a jab at T-Swift in the most legendary way.

5. Kim Possible... And Her New Hairdo

Image: @thrifter/Instagram
Kim Possible’s iconic ginger hair got a beautiful twist. This, my friends, is how you make the most of everything you’ve got. Hats off. Or should I say, shoeboxes off?

6. Beyonce And Jay-Z As Barbie And Ken

Image: @beyonce/Instagram
The power couple of the industry definitely did not disappoint when they stepped out as Barbie and Ken this Halloween weekend. The costume was even fully equipped with a packaging which flaunted personalised doll edition details.

7. The Trump Groper Suit

We all knew this was coming. British activist and journalist Jemima Khan decided that she was going to get serious with her costume when she showed up to the UNICEF Halloween Ball dressed in a groping Trump suit. She also took a jab at the United States presidential nominee with the date 28th November written on the signage that she’s holding up. The date is a reference to a time during a rally where Trump told people to vote on the 28th when voting day was actually on the 8th. And guess what? The costume was then sold on eBay with all proceeds going to Syrian refugees!

8. Burger King As McDonald's

Image: @MateusBassan/Twitter
Burger King takes home the title of the King of Throwing Shade. The outlet in Rego Park, New York, decided to go all out with their costume by ‘dressing up’ as their main competitor, McDonald’s. Not only did they cover up the whole restaurant with a white sheet, they even went as far as changing the packaging up as well. Let’s take a moment to let McDonald's process the disses being thrown at their non-flame grilled burgers.

There you have it, some real crazy creative ideas that hopefully tickled you just a little and gave you some inspiration on how far you should take your costumes next year! Halloween is one of those rare times where it’s perfectly normal for you to look completely ridiculous, and I don’t know about you but I would never pass up an opportunity for that. I mean, I dressed up this Halloween as a pack of Milo. Yeah, I did.