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Perak is in Lonely Planet's Top 10 List of Best Regions for Offbeat Destinations

The next time you go to Ipoh, skip the dim sum and the white coffee. Here are some places you should go to instead.

Perak is in Lonely Planet's Top 10 List of Best Regions for Offbeat Destinations
Image: Rojak Daily
Lonely Planet has ranked Perak #9 on their list of Best in Travel 2017 Top Regions: Offbeat Destinations, demanding our attention. It's listed among ancient cities like Choquequirao in Peru and even beat out The Skellig Ring in Ireland, the place where they shot the ending of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Yeah, this one right here: 

Though it's considered offbeat by Lonely Planet, it's a pretty mainstream holiday destination for Malaysians. So here are some offbeat destinations in Perak that you might not have discovered, but should right away: 

Tasik Cermin,

Image: Rojak Daily
Tasik Cermin is one of Ipoh's many hidden wonders and is located past a working quarry. No idea if visitors are allowed to go in but we went in and got this photo. Just ignore the workers giving you the stink eye and go right to the entrance of the cave. The quarry is active during weekdays so you can try going in on the weekends. 

Movie Animation Park Studios,

Image: MAPS
The RM520 million park is set to open its doors in December 2016 and will feature Dreamworks' animation properties like The Croods, Megamind, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, among others while the main attraction will undoubtedly be the BoBoiBoy attractions. There are six main zones with over 40 attractions within them. Early bird tickets are already sold out and there's no word on when the park will actually see the light of day. Check out their website here to be the first in line to purchase the tickets. 

Royal Belum State Park,

Image: Abd. Halim Hadi
The forest is 180km from Ipoh and your destination is Banding Island Public Jetty. These boats will take you into the resorts in the forest and hiking guides are available to take you into the 130-million-year-old forest. Enjoy nature in all its glory and see what a rafflesia looks like IRL. Read about the Royal Belum park here.