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St. Regis KL is the New Destination for High Tea Lovers of Instagram

Prepare to take the most amount of photos you've ever taken in your life for RM140 (not including parking).

St. Regis KL is the New Destination for High Tea Lovers of Instagram
Image: Instagram @evelynxandra, @missy_mag

Feeding your social media feeds is an important task, almost as important as feeding your pets and children. So if you've been wondering where to go next to feed that gram, head to The Drawing Room at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur for their high tea, on daily from 3pm – 6pm for RM140/pax.

For your (depreciating) Ringgit, you get three tiers of snacks, a plate of miniature sandiwches, and a tea pot with choices of TWG teas. 

The top tier holds assorted desserts, while the middle tier is the chocolate cookie shot – a shot of chocolate in a chocolate cookie shaped like a cup, duh – and at the bottom, you get four scones. Here's a shot of the shot glass:

Now here's a pretty picture of the whole thing together. This one shows the portion for two pax, meaning RM280, or 28 plates of rice and drinks at a mamak (teh ais + nasi kandar):

Some good news for the guys – you can order one tier and share. To get your money's worth, the sandwiches are refillable. If you don't want to type in St. Regis KL in your address bar, go here. You can also check out their Facebook page here. Call them or drop them an email – for reasons – at or call +603-2727 1111.