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Here Are 5 People Who Should Star in Lee Chong Wei’s Biopic

It took the movie producers three years to get the three-time Olympic silver medalist to agree to it.

Here Are 5 People Who Should Star in Lee Chong Wei’s Biopic
Just barely two weeks ago, we featured a story about our Olympic badminton players: Chan Peng Soon, Goh Yiu Ling, and Goh V Shem, who will be starring in a local Chinese movie set to be released next Chinese New Year. Now, another Olympic silver medalist is also set to be in a movie, but this time it’s his own biopic. Who? It’s none other than our beloved Lee Chong Wei.

The movie is based on actual events from Chong Wei’s life and experiences, and will debut in 2018. It took the movie producers three years to persuade the number one badminton player to grant them rights to film his life story.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Chong Wei’s brother, Lee Chong Hoon and CB Pictures. Chong Wei is currently away in Denmark for the Denmark Open tournament. The movie will be directed by a local director, Tee Beng, who is known for his movies Kepong Gangster and Paint My Love. The top national shuttler’s biopic will be named Rise of the Legend. There is no word whether Chong Wei will appear in his own biopic due to his busy schedule, but a nationwide casting will be carried out to find the perfect actor to play him.

In the meantime, we’ve shortlisted five possible people we reckon should appear in his biopic. Who knows, the director might be reading this and be inspired to include these people in the movie!

#1 Lin Dan

Whenever someone mentions an important badminton match that involves Chong Wei, it’s almost impossible that no one will mention Lin Dan. The long-time arch nemesis of Chong Wei is probably one of the badminton players we Malaysians may never forget. He beat Chong Wei consecutively for two Olympic Games during the men’s singles finals. This year, Chong Wei ended his draught by beating Lin Dan in the semi-finals at the Rio Olympics. It will be interesting to see Lin Dan appear in this movie as we feel that most of Chong Wei’s career revolves around the world number three player.

#2 Datuk Misbun Sidek

Image: FreeMalaysiaToday
Misbun Sidek is arguably one of the most significant people in developing Chong Wei’s career. He was the key person that coached Chong Wei during his seven-year stint as the badminton coach for the Malaysian National Team. Both of them were almost inseparable and we could see a special bond between these two that were unmatched. Most of Chong Wei’s international sporting acclaim can be credited to Misbun Sidek. Therefore, it would be kind of rude if the movie producers didn’t invite him to appear in this movie.

#3 Khairy Jamaluddin

Image:The Star
Ever since Khairy Jamaluddin held the position as Minister for Youth and Sports, there has been a stark improvement in Malaysia's sporting scene. One of his most notable contributions would be fighting for the equal amount of incentive received by the Paralympic athletes as compared to Olympic athletes. Khairy Jamaluddin has been actively supporting our national athletes including Lee Chong Wei in every tournament so it would be cool to see this ‘sporting’ minister appear in this movie as well.

#4 Datin Rosmah Mansor

Image:The Star
In 2012, Rosmah dropped one of the most iconic lines ever to our national press during Chong Wei’s stint in the 2012 London Olympics: “He (Chong Wei) is like my own son. When he got through to the final, I told my husband that I am going to London to fulfil my promise.” Rosmah has been an ardent supporter of Chong Wei, so it’ll only be fitting if she’s able to appear in this movie as a spectator in one of the badminton matches.

#5 Bront Palarae

We really enjoyed his role as Rahman, an aspiring commentator in the film, Ola Bola. He had this burning passion that got everyone hyped up about the football match. So why not bring him back to commentate Lee Chong Wei’s matches? We reckon it’d be a very fun twist.

Is there anyone else you think should star in Lee Chong Wei’s biopic? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.