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There's A New Toy Craze That is A More Canggih Version of the Tamagotchi

The Hatchimals are ready to hatch, just in time for the holiday season.

There's A New Toy Craze That is A More Canggih Version of the Tamagotchi
Image: KITV
If you grew up in the ‘90s, you were probably one of the millions of kids who played the Tamagotchi, one of the biggest toy trends of the decade at the time. Spin Master, a global children’s entertainment company, may have just released a physical equivalent of the Tamagotchi for kids today – the Hatchimal.
Nestled within a bright, speckled egg, the Hatchimal is an interactive toy that responds to human touch and communicates through taps, pecks, lights, and sounds.
To hatch the egg, you simply tap on it and the Hatchimal would reply with a tap. As you stroke its top or bottom, the egg would light up and make sounds. After about 25 minutes of play time, the Hatchimal would peck on the shell when it is ready to hatch, breaking through the shell with its beak.
That’s not the end of it. Upon hatching, you can then raise the Hatchimal from baby, to toddler, to a full-grown adult Hatchimal over a span of several days to weeks. You can even teach it to walk, talk, play games, and more.
One of the coolest features of the Hatchimal is how it can dance and move as you clap your hands. A Tamagotchi can’t do that, can it? Kids these days are so lucky!
Inspired by penguins, koalas and dragons, there are two Hatchimal species: Pengualas and Draggles. You can pick the species you prefer, but the exact colour and look of your Hatchimal will remain a surprise until you hatch the egg.
The Hatchimal has already been called one of the most wanted toys of 2016. Spin Master hopes to add more creatures to the Hatchimal family very soon.
Unfortunately for us, Hatchimals have yet to reach our Malaysian shores for the time being. So if you plan to buy one for your kid, sibling, nephew, niece, cousin, next-door neighbour, or… yourself, your best bet is to buy it online. You can find it at Toys “R” Us, Spin Master and Target.
Or you could bug a friend who will be travelling overseas to help you out.
Or get your kid to annoy the major toy retailers here in Malaysia to bring in Hatchimals.
Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to hunt for our old Tamagotchi. Comment below if you still have yours!