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Are You Team #FOMO or #JOMO?

Feels like you’re missing out? Keep on scrolling that feed, you still won't be there...

Are You Team #FOMO or #JOMO?
Millennials are super hyped-up with the current trends and most likely to become the trendsetters themselves. Most of the time, they either meet up with friends or glued to their phones yearning for the latest and trendiest updates. They feel the urge to be in every excitement that’s happening around them.


Millennials these days couldn’t help but feel anxious when their friends are out there living life. They are always up-to-date - be it from having the latest gadget to the new coffee shop in town. The recent boba tea phenomenon has even got everyone talking about it, WORLDWIDE! Their biggest concern is, “What did I miss?” – the common phrase we hear from time to time. Some people out there are experiencing the excitement of trying out new stuff and living every moment but some of us have yet to try them. Millennials are invested in what is currently happening in their neighborhood and what’s trending on social media.



The Fear of Missing Out is real! Be it a student, a labourer or even a home-maker, if they are missing out, THEY ARE DEFINITELY MISSING OUT. It is hard to juggle between many things at one go. Once they are ending the day at work, they are already exhausted, drained out and bone-tired. The only thing they see are long, hot showers and warm, comfy bed, nothing else. But there goes the nightlife, breakfast at tiffany’s and even brunch. So much to compensate and oftentimes, it is only to redeem those sleepless night, is that right?

But all in all, don’t feel bad at missing out. Organize the day and time according to our own life schedule, whether or not we are able to join in the fun after work or keeping leisure during the weekends. Nevertheless, the world is literally at our fingertips so don’t worry!



And here comes the Joy of Missing Out. Hello, guilt-free days! It’s all about the ‘me’ life. While some are worrying about missing out, others, on the other hand gallop through the stressed day at work or college assignment only to go home and get a long rest. Maybe Netflix and chill for a little while before heading to bed. This feeling where peer pressure has got nothing on them; They do what they want to do without the guilt of missing out. In fact, it is a joy to be missing out because for them, there are so many other things that they are able to latch on and still be a part of society without being there.

However, being left out can also put them in a difficult position especially conversing about it socially. “Hey, if you’re not there, you’re not there. Don’t act like you are a part of it!” KIDDING. Just make sure to be updated with the up and about in the society, in order to avoid missing out of the important things or trends.


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