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YOU Create That Healthy Working Environment

How would you want your working environment to be is your choice.

YOU Create That Healthy Working Environment
We always dream of landing a job that offers that work-life balance. Millennials these days are rather picky when it comes to job offers and that’s why we jump jobs pretty often. We are just entering the workforce and wanting so much already. Slow down, peeps! Baby steps, baby steps.


Entering a vibrant work culture is just a dream come true especially for fresh graduates. When we were young, we wanted to work in an office that has accessible facilities and the freedom to have fun. Is it possible to create a healthy work environment even a pool table or a pantry? Of course, it’s possible!

#1 Physical space

Your cubicle or even your table is YOUR space. Give yourself the inspiration to get things done by creating a comfortable space. Put up photos of your loved ones, a motivational cat poster or even a photo of your favourite pop star. Whatever it takes to give yourself that positive vibe you crave. Believe it or not, your space enhances your brain to work productively.


#2 Communication

Communication is KEY! Voice your opinions and open yourself to constructive criticism. Remember, what happens at work is nothing personal. Take the criticisms as a growth factor and the compliments as a drive to achieve higher. Don’t be afraid to also socialize with your colleagues because let’s face it. You will be seeing them more often than you look at yourself in the mirror!


#3 Team members empowerment

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Never take your colleagues as an immediate competition but instead as a healthy competition to be a better YOU. If you are a leader, take time to listen, if you are a team member, take the time to voice opinions. Together you not only create a healthy environment but also a space of growth for one another.


#4 Flexibility

Flexibility does not just apply to working hours but also to your creative freedom. Here’s the thing though. You want flexibility? Work for it. Flexibility and freedom are earned when responsibility is paid. We millennials want to be the next Steve Jobs or the next Mark Zuckerberg but what you need to see is the hard work they did to earn that flexibility. You may hate that 9 to 5 jobs but those jobs will be what makes you the next Forbes 100.


#5 Fun, fun, fun!

The key to happiness at work is FUN! (F)riendly colleagues, we (U)nite as one team and (N)etwork extension. Working in a healthy environment will boost our positivities and leave a great impact on our work progression. Working in a fun environment creates a tremendous effect on our mental health too. The ambiance of our workplace plays a role that will unleash our skill development.


Let’s not treat work like a burden or such responsibility – even though it is. Kiddinggggg! Well, our workplace is indeed our second home so might as well treat it like one. Take a break from work – shhh don’t get caught and catch Hello I Have Issues,Working Life episode on