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You Can Now 'Fly' Like A Japanese Superhero With This Limited Edition Ultraman 'Kapcai'

But please, don't fly though 'cos it's dangerous.

You Can Now 'Fly' Like A Japanese Superhero With This Limited Edition Ultraman 'Kapcai'
If you grew up watching Ultraman and secretly wishing you were the Japanese superhero, this piece of news might be of your interest.

You may not become Ultraman, but with this special edition motorcycle, you could ride like one.

For your inner Ultraman fan.
Yamaha recently launched their new 'kapcai' motorcycle that pays homage to the 1966 Japanese superhero we all love.

Dubbed the Yamaha Y15ZR Ultraman Limited Edition, the motorcycle sports the classic Ultraman colours of red and silver, with a matte finish.

On top of that, the special edition bike -- which is an officially licensed product from Taigaco, Malaysia's official Ultraman licensing agent -- comes with a limited edition gold emblem (bonus: you can choose which edition number you want it to be) and an alloy Rapida adjustable brake and clutch levers.

Featuring the colours of Ultraman.
Ultraman approved!
So that people know you're an Ultraman fan.
That's not all: Yamaha will also throw in some pretty awesome goodies that are sure to appease your inner Ultraman fan, such as an exclusive Ultraman T-shirt, behind-the-scenes photos from the original TV series, Ultraman postcards and a certificate of authenticity, so that your friends know that your Ultraman 'kapcai' is the real deal!

Beneath all the Ultraman livery and goodies, the motorcycle boasts a 150cc single-cylinder SOHC engine and a five-speed gearbox.

Pick your own number.
Comes with your very own colour timer.
OK, here comes the most important part: how much does it cost and how can you get one?

According to Yamaha, the Yamaha Y15ZR Ultraman Limited Edition is an exclusive to the Malaysian market, so it means that, yes, it's super limited edition.

There are only 100 units available, and it can only be purchased at Welly Assorted located in Rawang, Selangor for a very nice RM12,688 before road tax, insurance and registration.

Better make your way there if you want to get your hands on it.