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Hello! Let's Talk.

A conversation for all things millennial.

Hello! Let's Talk.

Exclusive for YOU, millennials! You have things to discuss and we want to discuss them with you. In weeks to come, there will be two amazing millennials hosting a talk series on Astro HELLO. Can you guess who are our hosts? Hints below!

Our first host is no stranger to millennial content. He recently went viral because of a pair of shoes. He is funny and throughout this series, you will also find that he is rather soft at heart. A fun person to talk to, always refer to others as macha, dei and according to one of our episodes, mate! Can you guess who this 'Macha' is? 

She’s pretty, stylish, quite a singer, a host and multitalented. This little travel bug was once a Hitz FM Radio DJ and the 3rd Runner-Up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012! How can you not know this beauty queen? Name her now!

Stay tuned as we unveil more about our hosts and the show with more insights and discussions on each episodes.

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