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[EXCLUSIVE] Are You Ready For Milo-Coated Chicken Strips With Budu Dip? It's Coming!

Prepare your taste buds.

[EXCLUSIVE] Are You Ready For Milo-Coated Chicken Strips With Budu Dip? It's Coming!
Hey guys, remember that icky-sounding dish that went viral last month? 

Of course you do, because it will be little bit hard to forget a dish where you coat a layer of Milo power onto deep-fried chicken strips, and then you eat it with fermented ikan bilis sauce, right?

In case you didn't know, the dish was the brainchild of popular Malaysian burger chain myBurgerLab.

If you can't find it on the menu, that's because it was a one-off thing; the chicken strip was only sold at the Ayam Lejen 2 fried chicken festival which took place last month.

Ever since a picture of the dish went viral on social media, Malaysians have been bugging myBurgerLab to make it a permanent item on the menu.

Guess what, guys? myBurgerLab has decided to make your wish come true.

Are your tastebuds ready?
A myBurgerLab's source revealed to Rojak Daily exclusively that the Milo-Coated Chicken Strips with Budu Dip will finally be made available to the mass public.

According to the source, the decision to put the dish on the menu was due to "many, many requests" from Malaysians.

Initially, the source told us, myBurgerLab did not plan to make the Milo-Coated Chicken Strips a permanent item on the menu due to "logistic issues", but they've since managed to "get a few hurdles out of the way".

Well done, you guys!

It's for a limited time only.
So, when do you get to try this dish for yourself?

You can order the Milo-Coated Chicken Strips at any myBurgerLab outlets starting from 10 December onwards, but here's the bad news: it will only be available for one week, so you have until 16 December to try it out.

We've personally tried the dish out during a special test taste a couple of weeks ago, and we can honestly say that despite how weird it sounds, it's actually really good (and no, we're not paid to say this). Keep an eye out for our reaction video, which we will be dropping really soon.

For more information, head on over to myBurgerLab's official Facebook page.