10 Memes That Only Millennials Can Relate To

Memes by millennials for millennials.

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10 Memes That Only Millennials Can Relate To

We'd rather stay at home and surf the internet. Thank you very much.

If you were born between 1980 to 2000, congratulations, you are a Millennial! The Millennial Generation is also known as Generation Y and is the most diverse generation. This generation has been described in so many ways.

These memes below are some spot-on descriptions about a generation that is rocking today’s world.

1. When you notice the 3G symbol instead of the WIFI symbol on your cell phone screen, all hell breaks loose. Millennials are reliant on WIFI so when the WIFI is down, they will cringe and look for alternative connection.

2. The word ‘bubble tea’ is the easiest way to lure every #bobasquad into a bubble tea trap. With more chains opening in Klang Valley, we are pretty sure this is a gustatory indulgence for this generation.
Bubble Tea, All Day, Every Day.
3. Cell phone addiction is on the rise and is causing the ‘text-neck syndrome’. Millennials staring down at their cell phones is a very common sight especially during family gatherings and many are now defining themselves to be “introverts”. And since we are on this point, here's a PSA - DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!
The question... To nap or to text?
4. Instagram is an incredibly popular photo-sharing platform and is now awash with tons of “insta-worthy” photos of food. Food obsession is real, guys. It’s almost an expected thing these days that we can’t start eating without first taking a photo of the meal and sharing it on Instagram. We use to start our meals with prayers right?
Panic. Mode.
5.Taking a selfie is serious business. There’s a serious pressure to upload the perfect selfie on Instagram. People have become such an expert with selfie taken photos. Selfies taken not only establishes the perfect frame of how one looks, but it also tells a story of who we are with, where we are, what we’re doing etc. Our selfies tell a story. Many of us have become great story tellers with the mobile camera.
What is your selfie going to tell your little ones in the future?
6.  Hanging out with friends, but got to constantly check our mobile phones. Mobile phones are a necessity for everyone in today’s age, because it does way more than just making or receiving phone calls. Everything… seriously, EVERYTHING is on your phone.

7. Millennials have different communication styles. Traditional networking events make them cringe in fear so they would rather steer away from it and use Facebook or any social platforms instead of actually building connections face to face. Sometimes we find ourselves talking to each other on Whatsapp when we’re all sitting on the same table for lunch (or at any other social setting).

8. The hoverboard craze began showing up on all over social media platforms with people showing off their ‘power’ balancing skills. It will be one of the things from the 00s that only millennials will remember in 20 years time and think, “Ah! Those were the days!”.
Hove boards are still cool, right? Right?
9. Man bun (or mullet 2.0) lovers, we are here to tell you that the trend is still alive and shows no signs of slowing down. Man buns come in all shapes and sizes, and while no two are the same, it is a trend that seem to be hitting the runways and advertorials for brands.

10. Admit it, we have all been social media stalkers at some point in our lives and can relate to this meme. Funny how many of us keep up with news these days (local or foreign) via social feeds right from our mobile phone.
FYI. Stalking is illegal digitally and physically.

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