Locals And Travellers, Beware Of This Deadly Jellyfish 'Attacking' Sabah Soon

Better safe than sorry.

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Locals And Travellers, Beware Of This Deadly Jellyfish 'Attacking' Sabah Soon
David Doubilet

You might mistake it for a floating plastic bag...

If you’re planning a trip to Sabah soon, you might want to be cautious near the waters because something deadly may be ‘invading’ the Land Below the Wind soon.

According to The Star, swarms of jellyfish will infest the waters off Sabah in the next four months.

And among the jellyfish species potentially spotted is the Box Jellyfish, or also known as the ‘killer jellyfish’.

Pretty but deadly.
There have been signs indicating the presence of the poisonous jellyfish based on the observations made by local marine scientists.

Last week, two Box Jellyfishes were collected off the coast of Kota Kinabalu during a field trip conducted by the Borneo Marine Research Institute in University Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

The institute concluded that Sabah’s waters will be infested with jellyfishes from March to June.
And if you’re wondering if the jellyfish is migrating, they’re actually not.

If you spot one don't get too close, immediately swim away.
The current dry and hot weather has become a suitable environment for jellyfish to reproduce, therefore there will be an increase of jellyfishes in Sabah soon.

The killer jellyfish is so deadly that it could kill you in less than five minutes.

Stay away from it!
Here are some important things you should know about the Box Jellyfish:
  • The jellyfish is transparent, so it may be quite hard to spot or notice them
  • It has 36 tentacles, and each tentacle has 500,000 stinging cells
  • It is the most poisonous creature on Earth
  • The toxins attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells
  • The deadly jellyfish has 24 eyes
  • Only sea turtles are unaffected by its sting because they eat jellyfish regularly
So, stay safe guys! Be sure to look out for each other especially in the waters and bring items such as vinegar in the event you are stung by a jellyfish.

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