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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

The numbers are no joke!

10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces
Image: Binodon69
The talk of the town this week is none other than ‘Brangelina’. We’re pretty sure you’re aware that (almost) everyone’s favourite golden couple from Hollywood is parting ways after 12 years together – two years as husband and wife. Now the question is, how much will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie settle for?

Getting hitched ain’t cheap. But it can really cost a fortune when things don’t work out between the couple. This is especially true for the rich and famous where divorce settlements involve dollar bills in millions! While we sit back, relax and wait patiently to see how Brangelina’s split plays out, here are the top 10 most expensive celebrity divorce settlements (and 10 solid reasons to sign a prenup)!

10. James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

Image: InRumor
Amount: US$50 million (RM205.6 million)
James Cameron and Linda had been working together long before they were married, beginning with the original Terminator movie in 1984. The two grew closer and began to develop a romantic relationship. After having a daughter together in 1993 and an on-and-off relationship for the next few years, they decided to get married in 1997. However, they split two years later after Linda discovered James’ affair with Titanic star, Suzy Amis. Linda left with US$50 million after the divorce, half of what James earned from Titanic. And then Avatar happened. So we’re sure he’s still doing pretty well.

9. Guy Ritchie and Madonna

Image: Sizling People
Amount: Between US$76 million (RM312.5 million) and US$92 million (RM378.3 million)
The usual scenario in a celebrity divorce settlement is the fact the guy has to pay up. But in Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s case, Madonna had to fork out the money. The couple split after eight years of marriage and Madonna agreed to a figure between US$76 million (RM312.5 million) and US$92 million (RM378.3 million). We’re not sure Guy received which end of the bargain, but this amount includes the value of the couple’s London pub, residence and Wiltshire estate in England. They were also involved in a custody battle over their children, Rocco and David, of which they have recently reached a compromise.

8. Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

Image: Agora
Amount: US$80 million (RM328.9 million)
Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva met while they were students at the University of California at Fullerton in 1975. They decided to marry three years later and had three children together. However, in 1994 after 16 years of marriage, Kevin and Cindy opted to divorce and agreed to settle outside of court to avoid unwanted media attention and publicity. Citing irreconcilable differences, the couple split with US$80 million (RM328.9 million).

7. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

Image: Posta
Amount: US$85 million (RM349.5 million)
Once regarded as one of the most solid Hollywood marriages, Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison parted ways in 2004 after 21 years together. Without a prenuptial agreement, Harrison ended up paying Melissa US$85 million (RM349.5 million). She also walked away with future royalties from two Star Wars films and three Indiana Jones movies. Unfortunately, Melissa didn’t get to enjoy her parting gift for long. At age 65, she passed away on 4 November 2015 from neuroendocrine cancer. The team behind her final work, The BFG, dedicated the film in her memory.

6. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving

Image: Grandes Amores
Amount: US$100 million (RM411.2 million)
Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving first met in 1976 when he was looking for someone to play a role in Close Encounters. After their first meeting, they got off in an on-and-off relationship for many years and eventually married in 1985. However, three and a half years later, the couple split reportedly due to work stress. They agreed to maintain living close to each other in order to facilitate the joint custody of their son. Amy left the marriage with US$100 million (RM411.2 million), but Steven has made many more millions several folds over since then so he has nothing to cry about, especially with his current partner, Kate Capshaw.

5. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Image: Getty Images
Amount: US$100 million (RM411.2 million)
Everybody knows about the star golfer’s infamous cheating ways which cost him his marriage with Elin Nordegren. Although there were initial speculations that Elin would pocket as much as US$750 million (RM3 billion) from him, Tiger only ended up forking out US$100 million (RM411.2 million) for the divorce. He also allegedly paid another US$10 million (RM41.1 million) to his mistress, Rachel Uchitel, to zip it.

4. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Image: Getty Images
Amount: US$109 million (RM448.2 million)
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were once another Hollywood golden couple. The couple had even adopted two children together. In 2001, Tom filed for divorce after over 10 years of marriage. Both Tom and Nicole agreed to a private divorce settlement to avoid a bitter court battle. Nicole reportedly walked away with US$109 million (RM448.2 million). Despite rumours of a possible shaky marriage with Nicole and her current husband, Keith Urban, the couple is still going through after 10 years together. Tom, on the other hand? He was supposedly set to wed then girlfriend, Emily Thomas, last year. But we’ve yet to hear wedding bells ringing.

3. Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

Image: News Locker
Amount: US$168 million (RM690.8 million)
Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy first filed for divorce in 2002 after being married for 13 years, citing irreconcilable differences. They reconciled shortly after but filed for divorce yet again in 2006 and commented that the decision was mutual. Juanita received US$168 million RM690.8 million) after the split, including custody of their three children and their seven-acre mansion in Chicago, making it the costliest celebrity divorce settlement in history at the time.

2. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore

Image: Feature Flash / Retina
Amount: US$425 million (RM1.7 billion)
After 31 years and seven children, Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore separated with the largest divorce settlement in Hollywood history. In 2009, Robyn walked away with half of Mel’s fortune of US$425 million (RM1.7 billion)! This was probably because of the fact that there was no prenuptial agreement signed prior to the marriage. So no prenup means the wife takes half of everything the husband earned throughout the marriage. Lesson learnt for the Braveheart star.

1. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch Mann

Image: Business Insider
Amount: US$1.7 billion (RM6.9 billion)
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch takes the cake for the most expensive celebrity divorce settlement in history. His second wife, Anna Murdoch Mann, walked away from the marriage after 32 years to the tune of, get this, a whopping US$1.7 billion (RM6.9 billion)! After this costly lesson, Rupert signed two separate prenuptial agreements before marrying his third wife, Wendi Deng, just weeks after finalising his divorce to Anna. Rupert married his fourth wife, Jerry Hall, this year. Let’s just hope his track record stops here.