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10 (Really) Hilarious Malaysian Songs

It’s time to plug in those headphones and have a laugh at these songs ranging from hairy bushes to chickens. Not for the easily offended.

10 (Really) Hilarious Malaysian Songs
Being subtle is key to survival here in Malaysia. This is one of the many things we gathered from listening to the songs below along with others. Another thing we learnt is that there is just so much talent oozing from our country yet a lot of them aren’t getting the recognition and exposure they deserve. And after you listen to our compilation of what we believe to be some of the funniest lyrics and quirkiest videos below, we dare you to disagree with us. Have a listen unless of course, you’re easily offended and don’t get satire or possess a sense of humour, in which case allow us to redirect you to THIS VIDEO. For those of you who're up for a laugh, let's get started with the list (in no particular order). 

10. ‘Banana’ by Jin Hackman

Song Summary: It isn’t easy belonging to any respective race and not being able to speak your mother tongue. Apart from the severe shaming you get that would make even Cersei go “Dayumm son, that’s harsh”, conversing with your grandma is near impossible and in the case of Jin here, going to the mechanic also can be quite a pain. That’s what this song is all about.

9. ‘K.E.N.T.U.T’ by Cicak Kobain  

Song Summary: A motivational song that urges you to keep pushing and pushing, regardless of the discouragement and protest you may receive from others. His other songs are equally as… deep. 

8. ‘Coffee’ by Chirin Chirin 

Song Summary: This song follows the hardship and suffering a coffee-deprived individual goes through trying to untie that damn packet of tapao’d kopi ais. The struggle is real. Fortunately, some useful tips and pointers are shown in the music video on proper techniques of untying that dreaded tali rafia ikat mati. 

7. ‘Kecik-Kecik Lembu Jaga’ by Hang Mokhtar 

Song Summary: Alright look, now before anyone flips out about how seemingly racist this song is, let us remind you we’re in 2016 and despite how sensitive and ever ready certain adults are to take drastic measures and create a stir, you, you reading this right now, do not have to go down that path. Besides, the author of this post is Punjabi and he finds this song hilarious. Anyway, let’s just say this song revolves around a certain myth (or is it…?) about members of the Sikh community and a certain bonking preference. It would be good to note though, that this joke stopped being funny about three decades ago, which is about a year into this song’s release. 

6. ‘Berbulu’ by Ben's B*tches  

Song Summary: A touching story of a man who one day, while innocently taking a walk feels a sudden indescribable itch in his pants and upon inspecting the itch, comes to a realization that will forever change his life. The song also highlights the importance of personal hair care. 

5. ‘Paper Lama’ by Lock Up 

Song Summary: Sang against the popular "Dapangkuthu" beat, this whacky tune is easily recognizable by even non-Tamil listeners thanks to that “paper lama” horn. As for the meaning, the song is a subtle message of unity in its simplest form – we all may have different terms for “old newspaper”, from “paper lama” to “sao kao pou chi”, yet we all go to that same guy to get our 30 cents for a KG of newspapers (those were the good days). And similarly, despite our differences, we all at some point in our lives, need to throw away unwanted things from our past and move on with our lives. The song also encourages you to tie the newspapers with a string before throwing it in the lorry and teaches us the sound the lorry makes – which, in case you were wondering is “pom pom”. 

4. ‘Gua Tak Faham’ by Ghost feat. AB Law 

Song Summary: The song starts off showing a habit most Malaysians possess. The whole, “Where are you? Oh, I’m on the way, otw” thing most of us practise. Don’t let the quirky video and wacky antics fool you. Beneath the underwater guitar riffs and guitar burning lies a message about finding the meaning of life and figuring out what’s next. And more importantly, having fun while you’re at it – preferably with a lot of neon lights and in the middle of Changkat. 

3. ‘Apa Lagi Kita Mau’ by A-Kid featuring K-Main & Klash 

Song Summary: No matter your race, colour, attire and whether or not you like Bak Kut Teh, we as Malaysians can and should learn to respect each other and our differences. But if you disagree that Klang is home of the best Bak Kut Teh, then you deserve to step on a LEGO brick and proceed to get bitten by a Tarantula Hawk. They pack a really painful sting, no really. Go look it up. 

2. Jalil Hamid - Ayam 

Song Summary: An informative Malay tune which describes the variety of chickens that exist and the many forms and context in which chickens can be depicted by especially in the BM language. The song ends with a word of advice saying that despite the fondness for all things “ayam”, just stay away from “tahi ayam”. 

1. ‘Ni Hao Ma’ by Khalifah 

Song Summary: A classic Rock ballad with crazy riffs and tells the tale of a man, who while cycling sees a figure in the distance… and as he approaches it for some reason, discovers it to be an “amoi”. So he goes, “Sup? Ni hao ma” (hence the song title) and asks for her ASL and then asks her to have a bicycle race with him. If you really dwell on it, it’s about unconventional love, isn’t it? Also, the sheer awesomeness of bicycle racing. 

Note: All the interpretations of the songs are of the author's own personal and highly questionable understanding and may not necessarily reflect on the artist's actual intended message.