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PewDiePie's (Indirectly) Made the Best Visit Malaysia Ad

Bros. You want to get people to visit Malaysia? Let them watch this video. *fist bump*

PewDiePie's (Indirectly) Made the Best Visit Malaysia Ad
Image: YouTube @ PewDiePie
So PewDiePie and his beau came to Malaysia this month for their anniversary. They spent four days here and basically hit all the tourist hot spots. Like proper stalkers, we found his girlfriend's blog that summarised their trip here very well. They stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur and this was their itinerary (based on her blog):

Day 2: KLCC park, Aquaria, Pavilion, and KL Tower for dinner at the revolving restaurant.
Day 3: National Museum, KL Bird Park, Sky Bridge at Petronas Twin Towers, and Berjaya Times Square.
Day 4: Batu Caves, and a movie.

Before they left, their flight out was cancelled and they spent 10 hours in KLIA. Thank goodness, it wasn't our national airline that did it. Live out your voyueristic tendencies through her blog and this VLOG by the bro himself.