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10 Ways You Sign-Off in Emails and What They Really Mean

What do you really mean when you sign-off in your emails? We reveal the hidden meaning.

10 Ways You Sign-Off in Emails and What They Really Mean
Thank you boss for that email. Image: NBC Universal

E-mails amirite? We write them day in and day out from the day we dust off our first cubicle to the day we have to email our lawyers our final will and testament. But we know what you really mean. We break down the most common ways people sign off emails today and what they actually say in their minds. Enjoy! 

1. Noted With Thanks

noted with thanks
“I’ve kind of read your email or completely disregarded it, but I still need to acknowledge that I’ve received your email so… noted… and thanks for whatever you said in the email I guess?”

2. Warmest Regards, Best Regards, Regards

noted with thanks
“I’m not only professional, I’m also kind of your friend who wishes you well at the end of every email. So don’t be a pain to work with alright? I’m giving you my regards.”

3. Thank You

Thank you
“Yes, thank you. You’ve typed out a bunch of words on screen and that took time. Putting letter after letter, your effort was not in vain. Sometime this week or the next I’ll be sure to attend to it. So thank you for the effort scribe. Truly.”

4. Have A Good Week [Or] Day

Have a good week
“I wonder where the idea for wishes came from. I wonder if it somehow spawned from holiday greetings in actual cards. We can’t be signing off with a jolly ‘Happy Holidays!’ wish in every email so we hope they have a good week instead. I wonder if he/she will hold it against me when their week turns out sh*t. I should really sign off with something… screw it, have a good week you.”

5. Yours Truly

Yours Truly
“No mess, I really mean everything I say in the email. Truly. Madly. Deeply-do.”

6. Lots Of Love

Lots of love
“Obviously a wire has crossed in my brain because I’m signing a work email with lots of love. I’m probably physically at my desk but I’ve mentally checked out. Or maybe professionalism is for the weak. Spread love people!”

7. Best

“As in best-nyer that e-mel!

8. Warmest

“Just picture the biggest cuddliest hug you’ve ever received from someone. That’s what I’m sending your way.”

9. Sincerely

“Apparently ‘out for a while crocodile’, ‘cowabunga’, ‘hakuna your tatas’, and ‘XOXO Gossip Girl’ weren’t acceptable ways to sign-off my email with the Head of East Coast Operations. HR has advised me to go old school with a taut sincerely instead. Bummer.”

10. Cheers

“God I wish I was drinking right now. But we’re not, so cheers!”