This Power Couple Has Been Named People Magazine’s Best Dressed

History has been made.

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This Power Couple Has Been Named People Magazine’s Best Dressed

Couples who dress well together, stay together.

There are certain awards that would bump up the credibility of an artiste, for example People Magazine's Sexiest Man award or their Best Dressed list.

Sure, it's not an Oscar or a Golden Globe, but it is still a big honour for such celebs to get their names on the list.

And this year, history has been made.

People Magazine has just revealed their Best Dressed 2019 list, and they have selected Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to be this year's most trendy celebs.

According to People Magazine, this is the first time that the magazine had a man or a couple on the Top 10 list, let alone as the best dressed. 

“The combination of the two of them is so exciting to watch. (Jonas) is not exactly someone who just wears a black tuxedo and stands next to her on the red carpet. You can tell that he enjoys fashion as much as she does," People's style and beauty director Andrea Lavinthal was quoted as saying.

Best dressed? Yes, sir.
She added that the power couple, who got hitched in December, don’t wear matchy costumes, but they still managed to look good together.

People's annual best dressed list also included Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Serena Williams.

Which local celeb do you think should make People Magazine's Best Dressed list?

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