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16 Pokémon Go Food and Drink Promos You Can Enjoy Now!

It's dangerous to go alone! Take 20% off your bill or more!

16 Pokémon Go Food and Drink Promos You Can Enjoy Now!
Pokémon fever is still piping hot it seems, and the food and beverage industry is trying very hard to cash-in. Whether you're on Team Instinct, Valor, or Mystic, every Poké-trainer gets a special something. Check out this list and let us know what Pokémon you find.
  1. Myeong Dong

Show them your Charmander and get an MDT drink for only RM3 with any purchase.
  1. Juice Works

These promotions are valid for the day only. So check back every day for a new promotion. For today, it's 20% with every Magikarp.
  1. A Pie Thing

For every Cater-PIE you have, A Pie Thing will reward you for it: 
5-9 Caterpies: 5% discount off your total bill
10-14 Caterpies: 10% discount off your total bill
15+ Caterpies: 15% discount off your total bill
BONUS: Double (2X) your discount if you catch a Caterpie at any of their outlets (with a screenshot)
  1. Crave

Team Valor gets 20% off on Wednesday to Friday, and Team Mystic gets 20% from Sunday to Tuesday. Applicable to their ala carte menu only. Where's the love for Team Instinct, Crave? Where's the love?
  1. Victoria Coffee Brewers

With any purchase of a drink or a meal, VCB will drop a lure for you at Oasis Square. There are nine Pokestops around the area so if you're looking to recharge and catch a monster or two, this is the place.
  1. Pretz n’ Beanz

One pretzel and one cup of refreshing ice lemon tea for RM9.90 when you flash them the app. It's limited to one per person, but come in a gang of 10 and you've got your own mini pretzel stand.
  1. Dal.Komm Coffee Malaysia

First you have to collect the promotion card from their counters. Redemption of the promotion must be in sequential order from 1 - 10 and is limited to ONE handcrafted beverage. Each card is also limited to TWO promotions per day. Promotion is on till 30th September so start catching them all.
  1. Krispi Kreme

The buy-one-free-one promotion is valid for a la carte doughnuts, sandwiches, chillers, and quenchers. You need 12 different Pokémon in your Pokédex to qualify and only participating Krispi Kreme outlets offer this promotion.
  1. Soft Launch Café

The yummy looking waffle and soda cups are cute enough to justify a purchase even without the free soda. Though... we wouldn't discount a free soda under any circumstances.
  1. Vina Del Rey

Viña del Rey is a PokéStop and it's 10% off your first wine bottle and 15% for the next after you've shown them the Pokémon Go app.
  1. Jarrod & Rawlins
The promotion is a little unclear, but based on the brief, YOU activate your own incense, show it to the staff and you'll get RM4 off per Pokémon trainer... So you lose one incense, gain RM4, and there's no free anything. There's also a Pokémon-of-the-week discount with this week being an Exeggcute that grants you 15% on their All Day Breakfast and Weekend Brunch menu.
  1. Tokyo Kitchen

Do you have a Magikarp? Of course you do. Flash that useless fish at Tokyo Kitchen and you'll get 30% on the salmon sashimi. Finally, Magikarp has its uses.
  1. Barfly Publika

Well... it's pretty straight forward. Step One to Step Four right there. Choose from four cocktails:

1) Charmander:
Rum, Malibu, Apricot, Pineapple and Orange Juice

2) Bulbasaur: 
Rum, Gin, Tequilla, Vodka. triple Sec, Whiskey, Midori, Sweet & Sour, Beer

3) Squirtle:
Vodka, Triple Sec, Blue Curaçao, Sweet & Sour, Sprite

4) Pikachu:
Tequilla, Galliano, Orange Juice, Grenadine

It's only valid till the 26th of August. Act on this now! 
  1. Ploy

Show them what you've caught at Ploy and they'll give you 10% off on your bill PLUS one free serving of dessert of the day. Adults can also look forward to an ice cold beer for RM8.80.
  1. Qureshi Malaysia

That's 20% off your bill per table only. Not a lot of other requirements. Reserve a table?
  1. Battery Acid Club

What a cute little derpy Psyduck. Screenshot your catch at BAC and flash it at the counter to receive 10% off your bill.