‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, ‘Home Alone’, And Many More Set For A Remake For Disney+

Are these remakes necessary though…?

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‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, ‘Home Alone’, And Many More Set For A Remake For Disney+
20th Century Fox

Honestly, no one can ever beat Macaulay Culkin as Kevin.

It seems like Disney is the gift that keeps on giving following the recent announcements at the Walt Disney D23 expo.
After a string of announcements on what’s in store for Disney+ and Marvel in the future, we found out that Disney has, in fact, more to give.
According to Collider, Disney chief Bob Iger revealed that the studio would be moving forward with its plans to reboot some family-friendly blockbuster films which were recently acquired from Fox.
A total of four films – ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘Night At The Museum’, and ‘Diary of A Wimpy Kid’ - have been confirmed for a re-boot so far, and they will be heading to the highly anticipated streaming platform Disney+.
It's a yes IF Hilary Duff is in the remake of 'Cheaper by the Dozen'.
“The films will be reimagined for a new generation,” said Iger.
No news yet on when production will start for these movies, or when they will be released.
Despite that, the news didn’t sit too well with some fans as they felt that the remakes were unnecessary and they fear that they couldn’t live up to the original, especially without its original cast members.
We can't imagine anyone else but Ben Stiller in 'Night At The Museum'.
So, what do you think of the idea of reboots for some of these beloved classic films? Is it a yay or a nay?

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