'Ms. Marvel’ Is Set To Become Marvel’s First Ever Muslim Superhero

Her name is Kamala Khan.

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'Ms. Marvel’ Is Set To Become Marvel’s First Ever Muslim Superhero
Marvel Comics/Marvel Studios

We're so excited to see the final outcome!

If you think 2019 is the year of inclusivity in the entertainment industry and pop culture, well, Marvel’s certainly here for it.
During the recent Walt Disney D23 expo, Marvel Studios announced its latest lineup of upcoming movies and series coming soon to Disney+.
One of the series announced was ‘Ms. Marvel’.
In case you’re wondering if there’s any correlation to ‘Captain Marvel’, the answer is yes.
Psst, she'll also be kicking a** along side the Avengers through out the comics.
Kamala Khan is a huge fan of Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), who eventually gave Khan her blessing to take on her identity and become a superhero.
But Ms. Marvel will not be just any super hero; she’s bound to be a groundbreaking one.
That's because the ‘Ms. Marvel’ Disney+ series is set to feature the first-ever Muslim superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Kamala is a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey, USA.
“It’s incredibly exciting for us,” Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige said.
Ms. Marvel will also reportedly appear in an untitled MCU movie in the future.
No word yet on who will be casted as the titular character in the series, or when will it debut on Disney+, but one thing’s for sure – exciting times are ahead!

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