This Malaysian Magician Is Attempting A Record-Breaking Water Torture Escape

The magic show will also feature 10 international magicians and five local acts.

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This Malaysian Magician Is Attempting A Record-Breaking Water Torture Escape
For the first time in Malaysia, a dangerous escape will be attempted in front of a live audience at the Water Torture Escape and Live International Magic Show.

This captivating event will feature 10 international magicians and five local acts, bringing you some of the greatest magic tricks that will take your breath away.

The highlight of the night is local magician, Vikneswaran Allagu, or better known as Vikey.

Not only will he be giving a captivating magic show, Vikey will be attempting to make it into the Malaysia Book of Records as the fastest to escape from a water torture cell!

The sound of it alone is enough to keep us at the edge of our seats.

Vikey's Water Torture Escape show will see him handcuffed, his legs tied up and locked inside a water tank without any oxygen support.

The homegrown magician is determined to try and succeed this dangerous trick and break the international record that currently stands at two minutes.

Now, this is not the first time Vikey is attempting such a life-threatening stunt.

Back in 2017, he first attempted being buried alive in front of a crowd of over 400 people. This was the first time anyone has ever tried something like that in Malaysia.

Vikey was locked down with a chain and 13 padlocks, put in a coffin all nailed down, buried six feet from the ground and covered completely in soil.. He was then locked in a coffin which was nailed down completely. 

Despite the risk and danger, he was able to escape within two minutes and emerged from among the crowd.

Following that, Vikey received 'The Best Endurance Magician Malaysia' from Thailand Magic
Association Prestige Award and 'The Best Mystical Magician Malaysia' by Thailand
Magic Extravaganza.

The 31-year-old is also a proud recipient of the Merlin Award, which is the highest award given internationally in the field of magic and illusion.

So if you want to catch Vikey is this nerve-wracking live attempt, head over to StarXpo Centre KWC Kenanga Wholesale City on 17 August at 7pm for the 'Water Torture Escape and Live International Magic' show.

Here is the full list of the local and international acts who will also be performing their best talents at the show:
  • Artkim (Malaysia)
  • Avery & Sylvia (Malaysia)
  • Kimmy Liew (Malaysia)
  • George & Ae Jay (Malaysia)
  • Disguido (Italy)
  • Kenris & Aurelia (France)
  • Jeffery Tam (Philippines)
  • Wilson Lai (China)
  • Magic Hunt (Thailand)
  • Tito Cris (Philippines)
  • Mamada (Thailand)
  • Mr.J (Vietnam)
  • Kevin (Philippines)
  • Miki Yeung (China)

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