Korean Actress Faces Jail Time After Catching Endangered Clams In Thailand

Common sense is not so common these days…

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Korean Actress Faces Jail Time After Catching Endangered Clams In Thailand

Poor clams...

Hearing tourists getting into trouble for catching marine wildlife illegally or intentionally removing them from the sea for the sake of photos is something that we hear of almost too commonly these day.

And the latest one to be ‘infected’ with this growing epidemic is sadly, South Korean actress Lee Yeol-eum.

The actress was recently charged after she reportedly fished up three endangered giant clams from the seabed for an episode of the hit Korean reality TV show ‘The Law of the Jungle’.

The episode was reportedly filmed at a Thai national marine park in March.

According to the South China Morning Post, the ‘Monster’ star could face up to four years in prison if found guilty.

Excerpts from the episode showing  Lee Yeol-eum catching and eating the clams.
After catching the clams ecstatically, she and other contestants then feasted on the clams.

Narong Kongeiad, chief of the Hat Chao Mai National Park, said he filed police charges against Lee on Wednesday for violating wildlife laws by hunting the giant clams. The charge carries a maximum penalty of four years in prison and a fine of up to 40,000 baht (RM5,384).

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), the show's producer, issued a statement Friday saying it "deeply apologises" for filming the episode without a thorough understanding of local regulations, and said it would be more careful in the future.

Didn't anyone brief y'all before the shoot?
Thai authorities said that the production crew has been informed about the marine park’s rules and regulations before filming.

Well, it’s a little too late for apologies right now. Let this be a lesson for everyone out there no matter who you are.

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