What To Do At A K-pop Concert Like MONSTA X When You’re Not A Fan

But we left the concert as a MONBEBE.

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What To Do At A K-pop Concert Like MONSTA X When You’re Not A Fan
Whether you’re a lover or hater, there is no denying that K-pop is taking over the world one idol group at a time.
Recently, one of the most popular boybands in South Korea MONSTA X held an earth-shaking concert here in Malaysia for their 2019 MONSTA X World Tour ‘We Are Here’.

The Malawati Indoor Stadium was packed with MONBEBEs (MONSTA X’s fanclub) who have waited too long to see their favourite group live in person.
Unfortunately, on the day of the concert, the record label Starship Entertainment gave a statement about one of the members.
Wonho was unable to participate and perform at the eleventh hour because he lost his passport shortly after landing in Kuala Lumpur.
“We deeply apologize for those who have been waiting for this show excitedly and we promise that we will do our best in preventing such incidents from happening again,” the statement read.
Nevertheless, MONSTA X managed to pull off a near-perfect show despite having one member missing on stage.

Now, don’t get us wrong. This writer is a big fan of K-pop and has been for more than half her life. But she is not too familiar with this boyband in particular, thanks to the Korean entertainment industry and their unparalleled ways of churning out idol groups like factories.
Having said that, she would never pass on the chance to attend a K-pop concert. So, here are some thoughts post-MONSTA X even though she didn’t know their songs, nor their faces (MONBEBEs, please don't come after me).


MONSTA X performed 24 songs altogether, including four tracks during the encore segment.

First and foremost, their music makes you want to get up and dance all the time because the songs are too catchy to resist. Who would sit still in a concert like that?
We also appreciate how they were able to sing so well live even with such intense dancing. Their stage charisma is undeniable.

Well, after four years in the entertainment industry, it is no wonder that they are really good at what they do.
One of the benefits of not knowing the songs during a concert is that you pay more attention to everything else, like their movements.
In case you were wondering, we can confirm that they were not lip-syncing most of the time. Now, that’s what you call talent!
The concert left us looping their songs and albums for the rest of the week. Hi MONSTA X, you have a new fan here!

No concert is complete without an encore segment and MONSTA X’s was no different. But what set theirs apart from other K-pop concerts we attended in the past was the epic DJ stage by the group’s very own Hyungwon a.k.a H.ONE.
The whole stadium turned into a giant rave party with non-stop jumping and screaming, the adrenaline rush made us feel like we were teenagers again.

Special videos

Although we love the idea of watching the members right before our very eyes for the entire two and a half hours, we had to give them some time to breathe in between. And to change to different cool outfits, of course.
MONSTA X and their management had taken the liberty to produce a couple of short videos to keep the crowd entertained while they took a break backstage.

The clips helped concert attendees who weren’t fans before, like this writer, get to know the members better and we didn’t feel left out at all.
We appreciate the little YouTube intermission to catch a breath after all the screaming and shouting and singing along.

But then again, the crowd couldn’t stop screaming while watching the video either, so it was all just one giant good time!


Eye candy

What else can you enjoy other than staring at the good-looking members of MONSTA X?

K-pop artists are well-known for their good looks and porcelain-like complexion, even the guys! So, we don’t have elaborate much on that.
Whenever we weren’t screaming our lungs out, we had more time to watch each member’s every move, memorize each feature on their faces, focus on their perfect hair… OK, let’s not get carried away.

What we’re trying to say is that, even though you’re not a fan, seeing the six talented eye candies on stage made our night.
Don’t worry if you were dragged to a concert by an artist you don’t know, just take it all in visually and enjoy your sweet dreams later.

Crowd interaction

We can’t stress this enough: Malaysians are known to be some of the best concert crowds in the world. But Malaysian K-pop concert crowds? We are on a different level.

We enjoyed listening to MONBEBEs echo each song performed by MONSTA X, reciting the lyrics they knew by heart.
While listening to the cheers was literally all we could do that night, we certainly felt the energy from the crowd.

Not only did the concert feel like a massive karaoke session, the organisers also made an effort to hire a Korean-English translator on standby backstage to help convey the members’ conversations throughout the night.
Since language barrier was not a problem, the group had the time of their life conversing with the fans. And we had more fun listening to them and responding like we could speak Korean!

Overall, MONSTA X put on such a good show that night that even this writer, who was not a fan before this concert, enjoyed herself too much that she lost her voice the next day.
So MONSTA X, please come back for another show soon, and this time with all seven members! We will not miss it for the world.

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