Here Are Four Reasons Why You Need To Watch ‘The House’

Featuring three of Malaysia’s rising stars.

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Here Are Four Reasons Why You Need To Watch ‘The House’
Astro Gempak

Meet your stars for this season.

Malaysian TV has had its fair share of reality shows over the years and this year, a hit reality show is back for its fifth season – ‘The House’.

The reality TV show showcases local celebrities with their friends or family staying in a house over a period of time ala ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

This season, fans of the show will get to see three contestants – Sarah Suhairy, Sissy Imann, and Wani Kayrie - from another reality show, ‘Big Stage’ up close and personal.

So, here are four reasons why you should watch ‘The House’

1. Watch them unscripted

Fans of the show can watch their favourite stars in a natural setting, unscripted. So, you’ll finally know how they really are in real life. Do their on-stage personalities match their personalities on stage? Are they actually stuck up? Do they wear makeup all the time? You’ll know soon.

2. You’ll feel like going on a road trip with your friends

You'll be amazed at how beautiful the places they stayed at!
The destinations in ‘The House’ for this season are so cool and seeing how they bond doing various activities there will make you want your own getaway! Who knows, your next mini vacation will be at those places or at the glasshouse they stayed at.

3. You’ll get ideas for a night out (or in) with your buddies

Throughout the season, you’ll see a few challenges thrown at all three girls. From cooking to undergoing ‘Paskal’ training, you’ll definitely be getting a few ideas on what to do for game night with your friends and family!

4. A mood booster if you’re in need of a laugh

Meet Sarah Suhairi.
Feeling down? Need something or a show that could brighten your day? Well, after reading some comments and feedbacks from the show, we can assure you’ll be in stitches at the end of every episode. The girls complement each other and their crazy antics makes the show all the more interesting.

You can watch all five episodes of ‘The House’ Season 5 starring reality show ‘Big Stage’ contestants, Wani Kyrie, Sarah Suhairi and Sissy Iman, at,  or Gempak’s YouTube channel.

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