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This Man Is Your New Life Coach

He appears on talk shows, he models, he dances, and he’s deaf. This is Nyle DiMarco.

This Man Is Your New Life Coach
Dance and model your way to a better you. Results not guaranteed.

Some of you reality TV buffs may remember Nyle DiMarco, the winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, the final cycle in the 12-year-run of the show. Cycle 22 was subtitled Guys & Girls and saw 14 contestants – seven guys and seven girls – strut, pose, and frown in front of a camera towards modelling glory. The producers of the show chose Nyle as one of the contestants without realizing he was deaf and his ability to turn a deaf ear (pardon us) towards the constant moaning and bickering between the models may have given him the focus he needed to win the competition. 

Modelling may be one thing, but how can a person dance without hearing a beat? As reported by ABC News, Nyle and his dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd, communicate via a series of signals and cues like hand squeezes and head nods. Based on this technique the pair managed to win Season 22 of Dancing With The Stars, scoring nine across the board for the first Quickstep number and perfect tens for the following two numbers. 

He’s a spokesperson for LEAD-K (Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids and is a signer and creative collaborator on The ASL (American Sign Language) App that teaches conversational ASL. 

Here’s the performance that got them a perfect 10 from all three judges if you’re interested. And for your homework, think about the sum of your accomplishments as a non-deaf person and write it down. You might not want to consider modelling or dancing right away, but you know, go ahead and have a good cry.