This Is What Makes 'Misteri Dilaila' Different From Other Local Movies

You'll never see it coming.

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This Is What Makes 'Misteri Dilaila' Different From Other Local Movies
We've seen some pretty solid, high quality local movies hit cinemas in recent years -- 'PASKAL: The Movie', 'Pulang' and 'Polis Evo 2', to name a few -- and we can add another one to the list: 'Misteri Dilaila'.

Starring Zul Ariffin, Rosyam Nor and Elizabeth Tan​, the psychological horror thriller film follows a young couple who makes a trip to the family bungalow in Fraser's Hill. Things take a dark turn when the wife goes missing and the husband starts experiencing strange events during their first night there.

Unlike other horror films, 'Misteri Dilaila' provides never-ending shocks and plot twists, but what makes 'Misteri Dilaila' so different is that it has two different endings.

Yup, you read that right: it has two completely different endings.

According to Astro Shaw, this was the first time in Malaysian cinematic history that a local movie was given a dual-ending treatment.

Its director, Syafiq Yusof, confirmed the news via his personal Twitter account on Monday (25 February) morning:
  Syafiq added that the reason he directed two endings is "not to make money" but rather, to entertain the audience.

Unlike other movies that feature an alternate ending that barely change the narration of said movies, 'Misteri Dilaila''s endings do not correlate with each other. 

Each ending comes with its own plot twists and revelations, as well as character growth. What that means is, depending on which version of the movie you watch, you'll probably get a different film compared to those who watch the other version of the ending. 

And in case you're wondering, here's a list of cinemas that are playing the the first ending:

As for the alternate ending, here's where you can catch it:

Have you seen 'Misteri Dilaila' yet? Which ending did you get? If you're still on the fence, maybe our review (by a non-horror fan, nonetheless) will help you make up your mind.

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