Get Ready To Be Bitten By Lovebugs, The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting

Guess things will be ‘Burnin’ Up’ soon…

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Get Ready To Be Bitten By Lovebugs, The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images via Bustle

Wait till they look at you in the eyes...

Send out an S.O.S to all the tweens and teens of the ‘Camp Rock’ era because your favourite rock/boy/brothers band is making a comeback.

The Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013 (well, we’re sure they didn’t really break up as they’ll have to see each other for Christmas each year) citing “creative differences” and “deep rift within the band” as the main cause.

Years went on and there was no sign of any reconciliation but for Joe and Nick, their musical and acting careers were thriving.

Remember this phase? Epic!
But don’t give up hope yet because your postponed teenage dreams may just come true.

According to Us Weekly, the JoBros are “planning an epic reunion”, as confirmed by multiple sources.

And with the comeback comes a new name or identity for the three-piece outfit – JONAS. The trio has decided to drop ‘brothers’ from the name and will move forward with only Jonas.

It was also reported by The Sun that there will be new music and a documentary about the brothers’ musical journey to stardom.

Brothers forever.
None of the brothers have come forward to confirm or deny the news but it seems that Nick Jonas is actively ‘liking’ tweets about their reunion. Perhaps it’s a subtle hint?

Fans, on the other hand, look like they’ve been bitten by a million "Lovebugs" and are very ecstatic about the Jonas Brothers’ possible comeback.
So, are you excited about the reunion? Will you be the first in line to get their concert tickets if a tour actually happens?

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