[PHOTOS] Grant ‘The Flash’ Gustin Officially Ties The Knot With Malaysian Andrea Thoma

Congrats to the newlyweds!

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[PHOTOS] Grant ‘The Flash’ Gustin Officially Ties The Knot With Malaysian Andrea Thoma
Last year, news travelled at the speed of light when Malaysians found out that actor Grant Gustin, who plays 'The Flash' in the TV show, was engaged to a Malaysian named Andrea ‘LA’ Thoma.

Naturally, we Malaysians were thrilled to find out that a Hollywood actor is going to marry someone from our country, who is of Kadazan descendent.

When the pair came to Sabah for a holiday and ‘meeting-the-extended-family’ trip late last year, photos of their joyful trip made rounds on social media.

Strolling around the streets of KK.
Many rumoured that they may have tied the knot in Thoma’s hometown after a photo of them wearing the traditional Kadazan outfit went viral. It turns out that they were just having a traditional Kadazan ceremony to honour Thoma’s ancestors.

Well, it seems like that their one year engagement has gone by in a ‘Flash’ and the pair finally tied the knot on 15 December in Los Angeles, USA.

The couple took their vows in a private ceremony attended by their friends and family.

Such a beautiful wedding!
The Flash kahwin Sumandak Sabah, beb.
News of their marriage broke when family members and friends uploaded photos from their wedding, which was eventually picked up by fans and the media.

The bride and groom with Grant's manager.
Gustin and his friends.
The couple made it ‘Instagram official’ just recently when the both of them uploaded their wedding photos.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Gustin on their wedding, may they have a blessed marriage. We hope to see the both of you in Malaysia again soon!

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