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17 Things You Need To Know About Kabali

Megastar Rajinikanth’s Kabali has so far grossed over Rs 40 crore at the Indian box office to emerge as the highest grossing Indian film.

17 Things You Need To Know About Kabali
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Rajinikanth’s Kabali has smashed records and brought massive bucks with its day one box office collections. The movie stars Radhika Apte and Dhansika also appear in this movie that had people lining up in front of theatres for even the 5am shows.

Indian film superstar Rajinikanth has the kind of following most Hollywood actors only dream about. Hundreds of thousands of fans flocked towards cinemas across India with a frenzy escalating around the globe. Rajinikanth is an Indian actor who works mostly in Tamil cinema (Kollywood) and is one of Asia’s highest paid actors with an extremely devoted fan base.

Watching a Rajinikanth film is an experience in itself. Our hero lights cigarettes with his firearm, catches grenades with his eyes shut, leaps to unfeasible heights and knocks out rooms full of scoundrels in mere moments. Individuals cheer, clap, toot and stomp their feet every time he comes on-screen.

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Here are 17 KABALI facts:

1.It was released in more than 12,000 screens across India, as well as in the UK and Malaysia, which have  substantial Tamil-speaking populations.

2.The first day booking across south India was sold out.

3.The movie has collected around Rs. 48 crores (so far) at the Indian box office regardless of mixed reviews and has emerged as the highest-grossing Indian film beating Salman Khan’s recently released film, Sultan.

4.The movie which saw a tremendous opening at the Indian box office also dominated the box office in the international market emerging as number 1 in Malaysia, number 3 in USA-Canada and number 10 in the UK.

5.Kabali created box-office history in the US by recording the highest viewership for an Indian film premiere.

6.A fan had to purchase tickets for Rs 1,500 (RM91) each in Chennai in order to watch his favourite superstar. There were reports of fans who were ready to shell out Rs 5,000 (RM303) for tickets.

7.Kabali is the first Indian movie to release across 30 nations at a single time.

8.Kabali was released across 4,500 screens in China, 400 screens across US and 300 screens each across Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan (highest ever for any Indian movie so far).

9.Kabali is the only South Indian movie to release in over 1000 screens in North India.

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10.The film is being released across double the screens of any other Bollywood star’s film worldwide.

11.The trailer was watched over 25 million times in a week, as soon as it was released, which is the highest ever for any Indian movie.

12.The teaser of Kabali holds a record of garnering 1 million views and 100,000 likes in two hours.

13.It is the first Indian movie poster to be displayed in flight buses in India.

14.Kabali is set to be the first movie in the world to announce a leave in a state (already by a few MNC’s and small companies).

15.This film is the only movie to have pre-booked tickets all ALL shows in the USA.

16.It is the first Indian film to be released in the world’s biggest theatre, the Le grand Rex in France with over 2,500 seats.

17.Kabali is the first ever Indian film to be released in Malay language considering Rajnikanth's fan base in Malaysia.

Fun facts:

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For the first time in his career, Rajinikanth will be sporting his natural full-white beard on-screen. This is also his first film since the late 90's where he appears naturally onscreen, and had very little to no makeup applied onto him. The only addition he has put on is the salt-and-pepper wig, and for a few portions a false moustache.

Some companies have declared a day off on Friday and given their employees free tickets for the film to avoid people calling in sick, turning off their phones or simply failing to turn up for work. One firm said it had declared a holiday to "avoid piled up leave requests to the HR department".

Budget airline Air Asia laid on a special Kabali flight from Bangalore to Chennai, featuring Rajinikanth's favourite food. The special flight carried 180 Rajinikanth fans to watch the film.

Fans paid 7,860 rupees (RM473) return fare to fly from Bangalore to Chennai to watch the "first day, first show" of the film at a Chennai theatre, pick up movie merchandise and return home after lunch.

Malaysian actors Datuk Rosyam Nor, Norman Hakim and Zack Taipan added some Malaysian flavour into the film, sharing screen time with the Indian superstar.

The soundtrack for Kabali features two original songs by Malaysian rapper Roshan Jamrock. Roshan is also part of the local hip-hop group, K-town Clan.

Are you part of the Kabali craze?

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