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The Movie Rebirth Of Wonder Woman

The first Wonder Woman trailer starring Gal Gadot is even better than we could ever have imagined.

The Movie Rebirth Of Wonder Woman
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wonder woman | Rojak Daily

Our herculean wonder of a woman is finally here. After many years of false proclamations and promises, a live-action Wonder Woman film is coming next summer. Warner Bros. just revealed the first ever trailer at San Diego Comic-Con to the uproariously irrepressible excitement of the entire crowd in attendance.

Director Patty Jenkins and the rest of the Wonder Womancast and crew just dropped a huge bombshell on the entire world as we can now behold the warrior woman in glistening glory. Sword hidden in her striking dress, the array of characteristic Wonder Woman quips and trappings, even the lasso of truth makes a cameo in the trailer. And can we just say Gal Gadot looks remarkable as Diana Prince!

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Watch the trailer here:

We loved Gadot’s kickass now and mope later portrayal in the trailer, complete with killer guitar riffs in the background, which was certainly a breath of fresh air in the DC universe. Yes, this is the first outright female-led superhero comic book movie since the dawn of our technologically connected universe we live in and essentially the first since Catwoman and Elektra (which were flops in 2004 and 2005). However, this trailer does seem to bring the fun and gravitas needed to make this film a triumph. The action in the footage we got was pretty astonishing, especially when our heroine whipped around her lasso deflecting bullets in the middle of a World War I battlefield.

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Diana Prince is laying down the law, left and right, and we are amazed how much footage they actually injected into the trailer, which might be a concern as occasionally movie trailers tend to give away the plot too early on. Trailers that spoil = just a major no no.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope this trailer doesn’t dupe us and the end-product is just as thrilling!

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