[VIDEO] Kaypoh With Mark O'Dea

We chat candidly with the football fanatic and TV host of Astro SuperSport's Wishlist about everything under the sun.

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[VIDEO]  Kaypoh With Mark O'Dea
Image: Rojak Daily
mark o'dea | Rojak Daily

We were welcomed by a good-humoured bloke, with boyish charm and a great personality when Mark O’Dea stepped into Celebrity Fitness ready to get a good workout in and to talk to us at Rojak Daily about everything from fitness routines to his favourite Malaysian football team.

mark o'dea 2 | Rojak Daily

Mark O’Dea is a British-born singer, previously 8TV Quickie presenter, currently a host on Wishlist on AstroSupersport and YouTuber originally from England. O’Dea came to Malaysia in 2013 as a member of the boy band, The London Boys, to tour around Kuala Lumpur. Currently, he is based in KL and has a hit YouTube channel which features song covers and pranks, and a travel show with over a million views. He was also on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine’s May 2015 issue, showing off his rock-hard abs.

There is no alter ego when he comes on television apart from making sure the enthusiasm is always up no matter how bad of a day he is having. The chemistry he shares with his co-hosts is genuine as well. A prime example of talent sculpted and accustomed to allure the hearts and eyes of many.

mark o'dea 3 | Rojak Daily

We bump into Mark O’dea at Celebrity Fitness in One Utama and asked him ‘Kaypoh’ quick fire questions about his workout tips, favourite gym pick-up line, football, pet peeves and more.

EPISODE 1: Kaypoh with Mark O'dea

Story & Interview by Adeline Tan

Videography & Editing by Cyrus Chong

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