Here’s Your Chance To Meet Your Favourite Influencers At The IN Festival: Influencers 2018

Who knows, you might be in their next video or social media feed.

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Here’s Your Chance To Meet Your Favourite Influencers At The IN Festival: Influencers 2018
Image: IN Festival 2018, @harvinthskin Instagram
A decade ago, the term ‘social media influencer’ or ‘influencer’ is probably was unheard of, but now, not only is it a common term, it’s also a full-time career for some people.

These influencers spend most of their day creating or curating content for their social media platforms, be it in fashion, entertainment, travel, and many more. To be honest, we follow some influencers just to watch their funny videos and destress after a long, winding day.

And we’re pretty sure you have a few influencers you look up to who you wish you could meet in real life.

Who are you looking forward to meeting the most?
Well, that dream might come true sooner than you think as one of the biggest influencer festivals in town, the IN Festival: Influencers 2018, is happening from 22-23 September 2018 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The festival will feature some of your favourite influencers not only from Malaysia, but also from South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

We know, you must be wondering how much will it cost to meet your social media stars, but worry not as the festival is free for all! All you have to do is register here
So, who will be there?

Wah this Banzz guy so tall like Kwang Soo.
All the way from South Korea is Jung Mansu (or known as Bannz), SSINNIM, and Mina Myoung from 1Million Dance Studio.

Looking for some our local influencers? We have Hisyam Hamid, Ara Johari, Harvinth Skin, PONGPONG, Fourfeetnine, Hazeman Huzir, Alif Farhan, Ah Yoke, and many more.

From Motif Viral, Haze will also be there to host the event.
You can take selfies or wefies with PongPong!
Apart from taking tonnes of selfies with them, there are a couple of cool activities lined up for you such as live performances, social media and content creation workshop, fitness and dance workshops and e-game tournament.

That’s not all; you’ll also get the opportunity to rock out with your favourite singers and musicians at the Tremendous Joox Live Concert.

For more info, head on over to or

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