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Get Ready to Make Waves for The World’s First Underwater Band

This may just be your favourite new band (or nightmare).

Get Ready to Make Waves for The World’s First Underwater Band
Ready for some underwater eargasm? (Image: AquaSonic)
How would you react if we told you that five practically normal, sane, human beings voluntarily submerge themselves into five individual human-sized aquariums and perform as a band on stage? Sounds like something out of a horror movie or a freak show, huh? Nope, it’s just a normal job for the five-piece Danish band, AquaSonic. The band is set to perform their debut concert at a festival in Rotterdam at the end of this month.

Image: AquaSonic
It took the band 10 years of experimentation to finally get their sound right. According to their front lady, Laila Skovmand, "it’s been a wild and long trip". Well, we couldn’t imagine it being anywhere near normal, to be honest. She will be lying at the bottom of a tank, singing, with a technique she invented. The technique is basically keeping an air bubble in her mouth and singing through it when submerged. Sounds crazy and complicated don’t you think? Not only that, they’ve also went the extra mile and created some custom music instruments for their underwater performances called the rotacorda and the crystallophone.

Image: AquaSonic

So, how do they sound? After watching their video, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be THE soundtrack to all of our nightmares. Sebastian and Ariel wouldn’t even bother summoning King Triton; they’d straight away go to a bomoh or an exorcist to seek help. It sounds downright eerie and spine chilling, something the Saw movie makers would probably like to include in all their gory scenes. Or, if you’re into this kinda stuff, then we guess you could say it’s hauntingly beautiful?

Now, are you ready to listen to them? Our best advice is to wear earphones and turn the volume up and watch the clip below in a dark room preferably alone, for maximum effect.

What do you think of their music? Innovative or did it give you the creeps? Tell us in the comments section!