Our Favourite New Local Tracks For This Week

"But why is there a white girl?!" Find out inside.

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Our Favourite New Local Tracks For This Week
So, apparently getting a steady stream of new Malaysian songs/EPs or albums seems to be tougher than I thought. That explains why you, our dear imaginary readers who look forward to awesome new local English tracks on a weekly basis, were left hanging last week. But alas, we've got sufficient new music for a new roundup now and as always, we were left impressed. This week, we check out Froya's newest single, add MassMusic's 'She Knows It' to our "sexy time playlist", find out about Beat The System who have made quite a name for themselves in America and discover that Q Sound and Vandal make a really great pair. Get those headphones ready and let's get to it. 

Beat The System – 'Never Be The Same (Again)'

Ohioan May Leigh joins brothers Gerald and Stewart Sellan to form the new lineup of Beat The System and they’ve just released the single, ‘Never Be The Same (Again)’ which is a part of their soon-to-be-released debut album ‘Journey’. An aptly named album what with their whole dream of making it into the American scene and best of all, their journey is almost fairytale-like because firstly, they DID make the move to NYC back in 2014 and they beat the odds to be the first ever Malaysian band to be discovered by American music veteran Diana Meltzer (she also discovered and signed the likes of Creed, Evanescence, Drowning Pool, Alter Bridge and more). If all that doesn’t convince you to listen to this track and subsequently, their album, we don’t know what will.

Oh, also we've no idea why Spotify songs/albums can't be embedded now so there's the 'live' version up there, and if you'd like to check out the song on Spotify, click the image below. 

Never Be The Same (Again)

Mass Music – 'She Knows It' ft. Maya Hanum

Oh my, this song is straight up sexy! Easily our favourite pick from their dark and playful ‘MassMusic, Vol. 1’ album which was released earlier this month. Nothing seems forced in this track, everything falls into place perfectly and Maya Hanum’s soothing vocals towards the end over the piano in the background is such a lovely touch. Mass Music, represented by members Ilyas, Ming, Alan and Paw say that this album is merely the first in the series of a collection of musical themes and that’s great ‘cause it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

Q Sound ft Vandal – 'You Got It'

New York native Q Sound (Marques Young) moved to KL back in 2009 while Canadian emcee, Vandal (Jason Schadt) who’s been here for well over a decade has not only complemented the local scene but contributed to its growth. So what do you get when you put together these two accomplished musicians? A highly enjoyable track that’s really well put together, that’s what. Q Sound’s music has evolved with the times and it’s this whole element of freshness amidst the sea of monotony that really gives us reason to look forward to his upcoming album.

Froya – 'Hearty Bone'

We’re liking Froya more and more. Just a few weeks ago, ‘Black Macaroon’ was released and she’s done it again with ‘Hearty Bone’, a song that’s been gifted her distinctive vocals and further graced by songwriter-producer Kuizz and Radio3000. This seemingly unlikely trio from varying music backgrounds all connected through the meaning of the song – a reflection of their journey in pursuing their dreams with a message of never losing sight of love and hope.

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