Here Are Some New Malaysian Tracks Worth Listening To

It's time for your weekly update on local music.

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Here Are Some New Malaysian Tracks Worth Listening To
Every week, we round up some of our favourite Malaysian music releases for your listening pleasure. This week, Kyoto Protocol gives us a taste of their upcoming album, Elizabeth Tan gets us reminiscing about the good ol’ ‘kejar-kejar’ days, 14-year old Charmaine shows us that age is but a number and the boys from Music Kitchen get on our radar once again.  

Kyoto Protocol – ‘Delta Wing’


It’s really hard to go wrong with Kyoto Protocol. ‘Delta Wing’ is the first release from their upcoming third studio album, The Pen Is Mightier which the band has described to be some of their best and most enjoyable work to date. This particular track took inspiration from the passenger airliner, Concorde (delta wing refers to the triangular wing shape of the plane) and as you dwell into the lyrics, the plane metaphors that apply to relationships become apparent. The new album will make its debut and be available for purchase at the upcoming Good Vibes Festival so if you’re anywhere as impatient as us after having a taste of what is to come, we’ll see you there.

Charmaine Koh – ‘Ordinary Girl’

You know how you look at some kids who have achieved so much at such a young age and you sorta question yourself and your life decisions to date? Well, that’s how Charmaine makes us feel. At just 14, she has already taken the international stage and bagged two Champion of the World awards in the Jazz and Broadway categories at the 20th WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) held in Los Angeles, California back in 2016. She recently released a single titled ‘Ordinary Girl’, an uplifting, feel-good track that only further proves that this 14-year old isn’t an ordinary girl. Great things are coming your way, Charmaine. Keep at it.

Matthew McKelson & Music Kitchen - 'OKAY'

We know and have worked together with Prem D and Sid, the talented duo who make up Music Kitchen so when we heard there was a new project they worked on, we simply had to check it out. Together with Matthew McKelson, a hardworking singer, writer and composer, they’ve come up with this track called ‘Okay’. But unlike the song title, we insist that this collaboration of great vocals and insane beats is way, way better than just “okay”.

Elizabeth Tan – 'Police Entry'

If you’re a Malaysian and grew up in a time where fun and entertainment meant going out, getting dirty (and sometimes bloody) instead of staring at your screen for extended periods of time, then Elizabeth Tan’s new single’s title itself should sound very familiar to you. Yep, it’s that tune we used to sing as kids while running around playing catch (although the lyrics may have varied slightly). Only, the story behind this single isn’t as innocent ‘cause Elizabeth says it’s about people who “enjoy lying to their lover”, you know, just like her ex-boyfriend. Ah well, painful past aside, the track which was co-written by Hael Husaini and Ezra Kong is catchy and we share the same sentiments as her fans when they say that they wouldn’t mind getting arrested by her at all.

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