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All You Need to Know About the New Independence Day Movie

We always knew they were coming back.

All You Need to Know About the New Independence Day Movie

So here’s the deal. It’s been two decades since the first Independence Day film came out and director Roland Emmerich is back with more alien-invasion action. Since it’s been ages and also because the likelihood of you young ones reading this actually having seen the first movie is about as close to an elephant successfully learning ballet, here’s a rundown to help you lot. Also, some of you who HAVE seen the film probably need a refresher course. Let’s get to it.

White House Boom | Rojak Daily
If this scene is alien (hurr) to you, read on. (GIF: Giphy)

Firstly, is it actually a sequel?

Okay, this is a little tricky. You see, it is a continuation of the first Independence Day film, but not necessarily a sequel. “Dafuq you talkin’ about, hombre?” Gah, we’ll just let Emmerich do the talking. According to the director who’s exceptionally fond of disaster films, "It is rather a continuation than a sequel because sequels you do after two or three years, and often it is not that different. I think this film is very different from the first." Right.

Interbiew | Rojak Daily
Emmerich and a zebra in an unrelated interview (Image:

Okay, fine. So what do we need to know about the first film?

Let’s start with the “why”. Why did those damned dirty aliens attack good ol’ Earth? They were harvesting resources. These particular aliens go from planet to planet using all its resources and then moving on. Planet hopping, if you will. “Wait, didn’t that also happen in…” You shut your mouth. We’re a new site and we’re having none of that.

Alien Ant Farm | Rojak Daily
Get off my lawn *in alien language*

How do the aliens look like? Who the Hell cares? Okay, fine. They’ve got a quasi-humanoid body with three-jointed limbs, enlarged heads, large pupil-less eyes and tentacles protruding from their backs. They look like giant sotongs in other words.

Pretty| Rojak Daily
A face only a mama alien could love. (Image:

How big was their mothership? The ship size is one fourth the size of the Moon. In other words, pretty damn big.

IShip | Rojak Daily

How did they get defeated? Physically, these alien freaks are no more durable than us humans, but being aliens and living up to the whole alien stereotype, they obviously possess far superior technology lah. This includes enormous fleets of ships, defence fields to prevent missiles from reaching their ships' hulls, highly destructive weaponry and protective biomechanical suits. But back to your question of how we supposedly “won”, we basically used a computer virus. You see, these aliens are particularly fond of… yup, you guessed it. Tentacle porn. So while the alien captains of the mothership were pervasively surfing the net for some Japanese tentacle action, they got infected with a virus. We made that up, but the virus bit is actually true. The humans won by infecting the mother ship’s system with a computer virus. Take that for using Microsoft Operating systems you stupid aliens.

Weren’t all the aliens killed? They were defeated, yes. And many were killed but not all. Once the virus infected the alien’s mothership, it deactivated the alien vessels' shields and rendered the alien fleets vulnerable to attack. A nuclear device was also lovingly placed on board the mothership which pretty much screwed things up for the extra-terrestrial sotongs. BUT! As mentioned, a lot of the aliens survived and went into hiding but not before sending a distress signal to their other battalions. So, the aliens in deep space received the signal and are now sending a larger battle fleet, threatening the human race once more. Ambik kau!

New Ship | Rojak Daily
The new alien ships come pre-equipped with Norton. (Image: reddit)

Which leads us to the plot of this film…

“Twenty years after the events of Independence Day, the international community recovers and the United Nations creates the Earth Space Defence (ESD), a united global defence program that serves as Earth’s early warning system and the main defence force using technology salvaged from remains of the alien forces, with some military forces assembled on the Moon.” But just like how Earth had time to prepare should the aliens return, the aliens had equal amount of time (or more, we don’t really know the whole space time difference thing) to prepare for another invasion. Here's the trailer:

Which characters are making a return?

Will Smith was in the first movie and he was supposed to reprise the role of Captain Steven Hiller but of course, since he’s Big Will and all that, he made a request for a $50 million salary for two sequels. Which Fox said “Hell no” to. So what did they do to his character? They killed him off in a “tragic accident” of course. Hah!

Dead Smith | Rojak Daily
Won't Smith. Image:

Also, Patricia Whitmore’s character which was originally played by Mae Whitman has been replaced by Maika Monroe. Fans of the first film were outraged naturally and there was even a rumour that the producer believed Whitman wasn’t “conventionally pretty” to reprise her role. The only actors who will be reprising their roles from 1996’s Independence Day are Jeff Goldblum (David Levinson), Bill Pullman (President Whitmore), Judd Hirsch (Julius Levinson), Vivica A. Fox (Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller) and Brent Spiner (Dr. Brackish Okun).

monroe | Rojak Daily
"I'm here to pick up where you left off."

Last question. Why do the aliens hate national landmarks so much, ah?

You must be referring to the posters of the destroyed Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and whatnot (refer to the posters below). We honestly don’t know the answer to that one. But our guess would be that they're prolly shit tired of all the cliche wedding proposals that take place there. Oh, you were proposed to at the top of the Eiffel Tower, whooppee-friggin'-doo, Sandra.

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Independence Day: Resurgence invades cinemas on 23 June, 2016