Did You Know That A Malaysian Worked On The Upcoming ‘Incredibles 2’?

He’s also part of an Oscar-winning team!

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Did You Know That A Malaysian Worked On The Upcoming ‘Incredibles 2’?
Images: Lyon Liew/Disney Pixar
14 years since a family of superheroes took over the silverscreens (and childhood), 'The Incredibles' is set to return once again.

The sequel is slated to premiere on 14 June in Malaysian cinemas and we know that most adults including us are looking forward to this long-awaited animated movie.

Last year, when 'Cars 3' premiered, we were surprised to find out that a Malaysian animator actually worked on it! Kiki Poh is currently working full-time as a Shading and Grooming Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios in California.

You can read our interview with her here.

We can't wait!!!
Now that we’re literally days away from the premiere of one of the greatest animated superhero movies of all time, we stumbled across another information that’ll make you proud.

Another Malaysian who is also employed at Pixar actually worked on 'The Incredibles 2'!

Meet Lyon Liew, who works as a Simulation Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios.

Lyon Liew now resides in Calfornia living almost every Disney/Pixar's fan's dream.
According to an interview with The Star, the Malaccan lad is responsible for bringing clothing and other props to life.

“We work closely with modellers, riggers and animators to keep our characters both modest and dynamic. We also work with developers to design and test the tools required to keep our workflow efficient and quality high under tight deadlines,” he told the English daily.

“Essentially, we make the hair and clothing on characters look good in motion.”

And if you Google him, you’d be directed to his own IMDb page, which, in our opinion, is very impressive!

He has worked on a long list of box-office movies such as 'Jurassic World', 'Ready Player One', 'The Avengers', 'Pacific Rim' and 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' just to name a few.

Have you guys watched Coco? Did you like the movie?
When he first joined Pixar, his first project was actually 'Coco' – a movie that went on to win an Oscar for the Best Animated Feature Film.

“'Coco' has been a ­fantastic experience. I came in the middle of production as a newbie at Pixar and everyone from my supervisor to the newest hire were extremely supportive and helpful during my time on the film,” he said.

Lyon holding the Oscar with Coco's director Lee Unkrich, co-director Adrian Molina and producer Darla K. Anderson.
Imagine how cool it is to have a section in your resume saying that you are part of an Academy Award winning team? Or telling your kids that you helped made that movie? He’d be the coolest dad ever.

Congrats, Lyon! We’re looking forward to watch all the other future Disney/Pixar movies you’ll be working on.

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